Petition Tag - sanitation

1. More Public Toilets for the District of Columbia

With Ebola entering the US, it is even more urgent to have public restrooms for handwashing and sanitary urination, defecation, and removal of tampons.

The CDC says handwashing is the best way to prevent spread of many diseases, including norovirus, flu, colds, TB, hepatitis A, SARS, MERS, and ebola. All of these diseases can be spread by "casual" contact such as coughing and sneezing. Homeless people, tourists, and people with lots of kids can't always afford to go to a restaurant to use the bathroom.

Cleanliness should not only be for rich people!

There are only a couple public toilets in our nation's capital, and in East LA and East Las Vegas most fast-food restaurants and convenience stores have closed their restrooms even to paying customers!

2. Referendum towards the use of potties in UI

It has come to our notice that the authorities of the University of Ibadan have banned the use of potties in some female hostel while those caught were forcefully ejected.

However, while the school banned the use of potties in the female hostel, they have not provided a good toilet condition that will prevent the female student from contacting toilet infections which may aggravate to venereal diseases if not properly treated.

It is against this backdrop that we, the students of the university of ibadan, petition the school authority to rescind their decision until adequate measures have been taken to provide these ladies with what they need.

3. Support an Anti-Litter Campaign for Ghana

Sanitation in Ghana is gradually becoming a major hurdle. It has been realized that the amount invested in sanitation is not yielding much because of lax legislation.

Action should be taken now to save the country and its future.

4. No Hesitation for Sanitation

There are currently no regulations at the state or the federal level that require establishments that have indoor play lands (i.e. McDonalds, Burger King, Chuck e Cheese) to keep them clean or safe.

Additionally, without regulatory incentive most places either do not have proper corporate cleaning and maintenance protocols or they are not being enforced.

After discovering first-hand how bad they can get without regulation we embarked on a mission to gather a national data set to raise awareness about the potential health risk they pose to children. Thus far we have data representing the Southwest, Midwest, and the Eastern United States.

5. Support Vision Kashmir


6. We Want the PortaJane!

The PortaJane is the first portable restroom made exclusively for women. It’s the answer for women who want and demand fresh, clean, for-women-only restroom facilities. Not only is it uniquely designed for women, a portion of the proceeds from each unit rented will be donated to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is manufactured in the United States out of recyclable materials. So in addition to experiencing an odorless and truly unique portable toilet, women can feel confident about the fact that PortaJane is both environmentally "Eco-Friendly PortaJane's Odorless Solution" friendly, and supports an important cause such as donating to the fight against breast cancer.

The PortaJane is bright pink with white trim and displays 3 large breast cancer awareness ribbons embossed on the front door and sides. Each unit includes a hands-free flushing toilet, curvaceous hourglass-shaped back wall, a water-flowing, hygienic hands-free sink, 2 vanity shelves, the "hover bar," mirror, hanger hooks and so much more. Because it is created exclusively for women, the PortaJane is designed without a urinal.

Exclusive PortaJane distributorships are now available and PortaJane is seeking entrepreneurs to provide these upscale portable restrooms at outdoor events across the nation.

Please contact for further information.