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1. Sign the AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Pet Promise!

This petition, originally published in August 2006, has been republished as of today's date: September 19, 2013.

We are petitioning America's pet owners to remind them of everything that is required to be a responsible dog owner.

The AKC Responsible Dog Owner Pet Promise, created to bring the spirit of AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day to life and adapted from the AKC Canine Good Citizen Responsible Dog Owner's Pledge (, reminds us that raising a happy and healthy pet is more than just playtime and pampering.

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2. Australian Idol - Do The Right Thing!


Are you a jilted Australian Idol Fan?
Or do you just have an interest in media and television?

Call upon Channel 10 and Grundy, the producer's of Australian Idol, to do the right thing!

They may not have broken the law, but they have tarnished the Australian Idol crown and fans are disillusioned. As an act of goodwill, and to restore the viewer's faith in the show, we call upon Channel 10 and Grundy to do the following:

All money that Channel 10/Grundy gained from this round (from Sunday November 2, 2003 to Monday November 3, 2003) of the Australian Idol voting process (less that which is refunded to voters by a certain date) must be donated to charity.

The total profit gained from the votes (not just that raised after 7pm) must be disclosed. Evidence of a donation to charity in the same amount must be shown to the public.

Sign the petition and remind Channel 10 and Grundy that it's YOUR Australian Idol - tell them to Do The Right Thing!