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1. Save Hull College for the people of Hull

On 25th August 2016 Hull College management issued a notice that threatened over 120 posts at the College with redundancy. Redundancy has become a fact of life at Hull College, with a total of 385 job losses across the group since 2011, and a total of £2,747,454.15 paid out in redundancy payments as a result. The consequence of this is that staff are suffering from increased workload and stress, and many students are not able to follow their first choice of course and are moving to other providers. If students stay they are being offered alternatives that do not always match with their aspirations or are being mixed with students not studying at the same level. The College management have also decided to close nursery provision across all sites. This is an attack on our most vulnerable students, and hardworking staff who have no choice but to work to support their families.

This is the sixth year in a row that management have announced job losses at Hull College. Staff at the College believe that the redundancies are short sighted and that profit is being put first. They are a result of years of mismanagement and entrepreneurial failures. They are not in the interests of students, staff or the people of Hull. The continuing job insecurity, threats to people’s livelihoods and erosion of educational opportunities for the people of Hull caused by this yearly cycle of redundancies cannot continue. Yet again hardworking and dedicated staff are subject to an annual cull due to significant financial shortfalls caused by mismanagement. College management are running what was once a great college into the ground. This is an attack on education, staff, students, and the people of Hull. We are in a race to the bottom, and it has to stop!

2. Support Sheffield College Lecturers in their fight against COMPULSORY REDUNDANCIES

Sheffield College recently announced its intention to make compulsory redundancies among lecturers and support staff.

UCU, the college lecturers union, is mounting a campaign to save jobs and defend and preserve the quality of the education and training we can provide for the people of Sheffield.

3. Save the Dundee University Disability Access Centre

The University of Dundee senior management is currently carrying out a review of the Disability Services which the University provides, including the Access Centre. They have already indicated in meetings with staff and their union representatives that they are going to consider closing the Access Centre completely, or instead reducing it to a smaller facility available only to Dundee students.

The Access Centre provides assessments for disabled students so that they can apply for funding from the government to help them study; without it disabled students at Dundee would have to travel to either busy Edinburgh or distant Motherwell for these assessments.

Moreover the Access centre actually generates revenue for disability services, as it provides disability assessments for students all across the east coast of Scotland in many different institutes; the Scottish government pays it to do this.

The profit generated by providing this service is used to fund additional front-line services to disabled students at Dundee University, which are amongst the best in the world. If this funding was to cease then all disabled services at the University would be badly hit, and many would have to be cut altogether.

Therefore if the Access Centre was to be closed or badly reduced then not only would disabled students at the University have to make difficult trips elsewhere for assessments but also the disabled services at the University would be severely hit as well. This could easily decimate the number of talented disabled students at the University, and would be both foolish from a business perspective as well as morally repugnant.

Thus this petition calls upon the University of Dundee senior management to keep the Access Centre fully open in its current format, and to recognise the link between the funding the Access Centre provides and the capabilities of disabled services at the University. Please sign and leave a message, perhaps telling the University how the closure would affect you, your views on the matter or a message of support. Thank you.

4. Halt the Redundancies of Staff at Gray’s

We the students of Gray’s School of Art were concerned to hear of proposed staff redundancies at our Art School.

Staff at Grays School of Art were called to a meeting with Prof. John Watson, the Dean of Design & Technology on Wednesday 6 October 2010 and told that the Art School had a budget deficit and needed to make savings of £500,000 and these savings would be met through staff redundancies. They were told they would all receive the option of voluntary redundancy.

We are concerned that other options for saving money and funding the Art School have not been fully explored. Redundancy on such a wide scale will severely damage the quality of teaching that the school has always managed to provide.

5. Support Modern Languages at Swansea University

Swansea University management proposes to make redundant more than half (12) of the 22 academic staff in Modern Languages, by summer 2011.

Swansea University’s Department of Modern Languages has an excellent reputation for teaching and research. Its work is vital to the University’s local, national, and international mission. It is strategically important for the Welsh economy and Welsh society. The proposals would delete Italian immediately, render Hispanic Studies practically unviable, and grievously weaken French and German. The proposals are reckless, hasty, and unnecessary. They will damage students, the University, and Wales.

Swansea University’s motto is: ‘Gweddw crefft heb ei dawn’, Welsh meaning: ‘Technical skill is incomplete without culture’. Students of Modern Languages at Swansea University acquire both the language skills and the cultural knowledge that global citizens need. The University must live up to its motto.


Swansea University has dropped the proposals for cuts to the Modern Languages Department. WE THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR INVALUABLE SUPPORT for our campaign, and for taking the time to sign and comment on this petition.

6. Save the University of Gloucestershire - UCU Petition

The University of Gloucestershire is proposing to make a number of compulsory redundancies as part of its response to its current financial situation.

7. Hands Off Our Box Office

PLEASE HELP US!! Ambassadors Theatre Group plan to close the box office at Theatre Royal Glasgow, and the Sales Office at the Kings Theatre Glasgow is set to be moved to a LONDON BASED CALL CENTRE which will result in 27 REDUNDANCIES.

Patrons calling for tickets (many of whom are elderly) will be forced to call London where staff have no intimate knowledge of either Theatre, and will also possibly be forced to pay a higher booking fee.

Glasgow City Council have agreed to give ATG £7.2 million between now and 2012 to cover the cost of refurbishment at The Kings. THIS IS TAXPAYERS MONEY - but ATG is making the same taxpayers redundant!!

Please show your support by signing our petition!! THANK YOU.

Thurs 25th Sept - Due to some feedback we have had, we would like to make an amendment and also draw attention to a couple of points.

1. ATG would like us to point out that the box office at the Theatre Royal will be open just prior to the start of a show so as to allow patrons to buy tickets on the door for that performance. There will be no over the counter ticket sales for the rest of working hours.

2. We have been informed by ATG that there will be a booking fee for tickets bought over the phone with the London call centre but it will not be higher than the booking fee paid at present for the time being.

3. We have also been informed that the staff at the London call centre will recieve a higher rate of pay than the Glasgow staff and will also be paid commision.

4. As there seems to be some confusion regarding this matter, we ourselves would like to draw attention to the fact that the box office at the Kings Theatre will still be open for counter sales. It is the Theatre Royal box office in the centre of town that is being closed, not the Kings. This was stated in the history/description section of the petition from the very beginning.

To keep everything fair and just - If, after reading this update, supporters feel that they want their name removed from the petition, please email us your name and city at - and your name will be promptly removed.
Also, please email if anyone has any questions about the situation/petiton, we will do our very best to get back to you as quickly as we can.

Let us also take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for their continued support on this matter.

8. Lancaster University / Adult Education

Last month our Vice Chancellor announced a "reduction in activities" for the Department of Continuing Education (DCE). This will mean a drastic cutback in the University's adult education provision in the North West and leave thousands of part-time students unable to complete their studies. For a university with Lancaster's long-standing and honourable regional commitment to adult education it is public relations disaster.

It is also an explicit threat to the jobs of the forty staff in DCE - staff are already being encouraged to look for other employment - and our 200 part-time tutors.

DCE staff were told of the Vice-chancellor's decision by their Head of Department at a staff meeting at 11am on Wednesday 19th March. The emails announcing the decision were then sent to DCE staff at 3pm that afternoon and, in a slightly amended form, to the staff of the whole university at 3.30pm. Members of Council and Senate were informed by letter. DCE staff are angry the news was distributed so widely before the department had a chance to contact all its students, p/t tutors and those staff away on leave for Easter.

A review of DCE activities is taking place but the remit and power of the review group is unclear. By his actions, the Vice-chancellor has pre-empted the outcome of this review. The trade unions have asked for full meeting of the University/Trade Unions Joint Consultative Committee to discuss this, but this has been denied.