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PLEASE HELP US!! Ambassadors Theatre Group plan to close the box office at Theatre Royal Glasgow, and the Sales Office at the Kings Theatre Glasgow is set to be moved to a LONDON BASED CALL CENTRE which will result in 27 REDUNDANCIES.

Patrons calling for tickets (many of whom are elderly) will be forced to call London where staff have no intimate knowledge of either Theatre, and will also possibly be forced to pay a higher booking fee.

Glasgow City Council have agreed to give ATG £7.2 million between now and 2012 to cover the cost of refurbishment at The Kings. THIS IS TAXPAYERS MONEY - but ATG is making the same taxpayers redundant!!

Please show your support by signing our petition!! THANK YOU.

Thurs 25th Sept - Due to some feedback we have had, we would like to make an amendment and also draw attention to a couple of points.

1. ATG would like us to point out that the box office at the Theatre Royal will be open just prior to the start of a show so as to allow patrons to buy tickets on the door for that performance. There will be no over the counter ticket sales for the rest of working hours.

2. We have been informed by ATG that there will be a booking fee for tickets bought over the phone with the London call centre but it will not be higher than the booking fee paid at present for the time being.

3. We have also been informed that the staff at the London call centre will recieve a higher rate of pay than the Glasgow staff and will also be paid commision.

4. As there seems to be some confusion regarding this matter, we ourselves would like to draw attention to the fact that the box office at the Kings Theatre will still be open for counter sales. It is the Theatre Royal box office in the centre of town that is being closed, not the Kings. This was stated in the history/description section of the petition from the very beginning.

To keep everything fair and just - If, after reading this update, supporters feel that they want their name removed from the petition, please email us your name and city at - handsoff2008@hotmail.co.uk and your name will be promptly removed.
Also, please email if anyone has any questions about the situation/petiton, we will do our very best to get back to you as quickly as we can.

Let us also take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for their continued support on this matter.

We, the undersigned, do hereby petition the Ambassadors Theatre Group to reconsider the proposed decision to close the box office at Theatre Royal Glasgow and the Sales Office at The KIngs Glasgow which will create 27 redundancies.

We feel this decision taken by ATG will alienate both Theatres Glasgow customer base and could potentially harm the wellbeing of both Theatres in the long run.

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