Petition Tag - ramps

1. Indoor skatepark for town of Cambridge, Perth

There are foam pits for unsure tricks and a lot more fun is possible after my experiencing a great park at Sydney called the monster skatepark.

2. Skate park for Devizes, Wiltshire

Since the removal of ramps from Hillworth Park there has been a need for new skate, scooter and BMX facilities in Devizes. The mayor of Devizes and the area board have made public commitments to finding suitable sites and funding for these facilities for young people.

Young people do not want to skate in the streets or cause a nuisance to others, but do want somewhere to go where they can practice and enjoy skating, scooters and BMXs.

If your town doesn't have a skate park, your town IS a skate park.

3. Build Westridge a skatepark

The Westridge subdivision Youth are seeking to have a safe skate and bike park that resides on the current buildable land owned by the Bartlett Park District in the Westridge subdivision.

Bartlett currently has (1) skate park at the Bartlett Community Center that is located more than 6 miles from the Westridge subdivision, which is not a safe travel distance for the youth west of route 59 to easily access and safely travel to.

4. Expand Clapham Common Skatepark

Clapham Common skate park is far too small for skaters too reach their full potential. If the council smoothed the rough ground next to it and added more skate obstacle such as mini ramps, more skaters would use the park and bring more money to the cafe nearby.

I know many people agree with me and i am willing to start a petition to prove it is worth while.

5. Revamp Whitehall Skatepark

For the past couples year we have had the same old skate park. This Skate park has been through a lot of rough things without any updates from the city of Whitehall.

Our ramps are busted up, caving in and just plain out suck. We have nearly 4 ramps, and only 2 that are still with in some form of good condition.

Please help sign this petition to help make the kids of Whitehall happy.

-Steven Drenner