Bartlett Park district/ Bartlett village
United States of America

The Westridge subdivision Youth are seeking to have a safe skate and bike park that resides on the current buildable land owned by the Bartlett Park District in the Westridge subdivision.

Bartlett currently has (1) skate park at the Bartlett Community Center that is located more than 6 miles from the Westridge subdivision, which is not a safe travel distance for the youth west of route 59 to easily access and safely travel to.

The Westridge subdivision youth hereby submit this petition requesting the Bartlett Park District to build a skate and bike park for the village youth of 59 to have access to and to enjoy.

Building a skate and bike park at this location will provide the youth a safe place to ride and enjoy while also protecting residential and commercial property as well as providing an environment to keep the youth from becoming menaces in the community.

This petition is hereby submitted on behalf of the youth that enjoys skating and biking in a safe environment that many other surrounding towns currently provide. It is our sincere hope that this request will be honored.

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