Petition Tag - paranormal

1. Old Cowtown Museum continuation of WPRS Public Reveals and ongoing investigations of the paranormal activity

WPRS has raised lots of money over the last 4-5 years for the Old Cowtown Museum which is owned by the city of Wichita.

WPRS wants to continue research at the location and continue to provide evidence to the community about the on going paranormal activity and raise money for the museum and all that it stand for.

2. Australian free to air Paranormal TV Series

There is a huge following of the paranormal in Australia.

We are still yet to have our own TV Series in Australia and left to watch other countries come here and film our wonderful locations.

3. Reinstate Dorset Ghost Investigators episode 20

We have had our video taken down, which was going viral, by pilgrim studios who are ghost hunters producers for claiming they own our footage.

We used the term ghost hunters as a title because that's what we are, and every ghost investigator is a ghost hunter, but we also said on the title who we are and what episode.

No mistake over copyright could of been made.

4. Attention SYFY network keep GHI (Ghost Hunters International) on the air!

With Tonight's Episode of GHI being the season finally, and no news on weather or not SYFY will be picking up the show for another season (or more) I believe its time to show the SYFY network how much we love GHI and the GHI team!

5. Please Save Medium from Extinction

"Medium" has been an Intelligent, Thoughtful, Creative and an Unpredictable Television Series which has succeeded on two networks, First NBC, which canceled it to make way for Jay Leno (A disastrous choice) and also on CBS which put it in it's Friday Night at 8:00 PM slot

6. Support Paranormal Research on the Queen Mary

This is a petition that sets forth to encourage serious paranormal research of the Hotel Queen Mary by independent research groups and individuals. It has long been known that strange things and strange voices abound on this lovely and historical ship. The hotel Queen Mary is a rare jewel in the paranormal world and it is being wasted. The gifted television psychic Peter James made his research aboard the R.M.S. Queen Mary a huge part of his career and his life. His work with Jackie the child ghost is legendary and know worldwide.
Peter passed before his work was finished and he had many hopes and dreams for paranormal research aboard the ship. Today those hopes and dreams are in
jeopardy, as the future of any serious paranormal research has all but been
stifled to outside researchers on the ship.
It is the hope of the paranormal community in part or as a whole to reach some sort of agreement with the ships management that will permit the proper use of the ship for investigative purposes by outside teams or individuals. This is for the benefit of not only the paranormal community but also the Queen Mary.
We propose that the ships management allow paranormal researchers to conduct
research (for a reasonable fee) on nights not normally filled by the other attractions at night or in the daylight hours in areas used for the ghosts and legends tours, possibly week nights?
The paranormal community would also make available to the ship any evidence they obtain for use by the ship for whatever purpose they deem fit.
Research conducted on the ship would only be conducted with the express
understanding that said research would be done with the utmost care and
understanding for the ships best interest and would not portray the ship in a
negative light for any reason.
The incredible knowledge base of the paranormal community would be at the
disposal of the ship to aid in any way possible to make the Queen Mary and her haunting experience a more full and exciting experience for visitors.
In better times the Queen Mary and the paranormal community worked together. It is our hope that once again the Queen Mary and the paranormal community can work together for a brighter future and mutual support to the betterment of the ship. Let’s keep the Queen Mary and Peter James dreams alive. Please support this petition by signing it.

Thank you, Your Paranormal investigative community

7. More Paranormal Programmes

There is a great deal of interest concerning the paranormal, and all things psychic. It would be interesting to have more programmes on TV for people to see.

For example, people being interviewed about their own psychic experiences in life, and maybe well known people would be willing to take part too.

Perhaps Mediums would be willing to take part,and give some insight into their own experiences, and their views on "life after death".

8. Another Series Of Paranormal Ejypt

This petition is to have derek acorah's programme Paranormal Ejypt on the tv for another series.

9. Bring back Fortean TV

April 26, 2006

Fortean TV was a fun paranormal magazine show enjoyed by many people in the UK in the late 90s, hosted by Lionel Fanthorpe (pictured).

It was respected among the paranormal comunity as unique among paranormal tv shows as it did not just regurgitate stale old stories that everyone had heard thousands of times before but regularly brought new and current stories of a paranormal nature to the viewers attention.

It has never been repeted or released on video or DVD.