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With Tonight's Episode of GHI being the season finally, and no news on weather or not SYFY will be picking up the show for another season (or more) I believe its time to show the SYFY network how much we love GHI and the GHI team!

Petition for the SYFY network!! We the fans of GHI (Ghost Hunters International) are demanding u keep the show on the air! The show is not only informative, giving us a history of the locations but is also entertaining!

The places the crew have been investigating just keep getting better and better, and we want to see more! The cast which includes Barry Fitzgerald, Scott Tepperman, Paul Bradford, Joe Chin, Susan Slaughter and Kris Williams is the best ghost hunting cast for this show!

Everyone let's sign this petition and let SYFY know how much we love this show and how much we want to keep it on the air!

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