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1. Create a IBJJF Open tournament for Hawaii

As an active Jiu Jitsu competitor, the quality and legitimacy of tournaments is very important in my progression in the sport. It pains me to know that Hawaii has a lot of great Jiu Jitsu athletes that never get to experience an IBJJF tournament, because the cost of flying to the mainland is too much.

I would love to see the Jiu Jitsu competition scene grow here in Hawaii, but I believe that can only happen if Hawaiians get the chance to compete often in an IBJJF tournament. The IBJJF already has events throughout the world, why not bring one to Hawaii?

2. Ban the use of plastic bags on O'ahu

In the amount of time it will take to read this petition 60,000 bags are used in the United States alone.
All over the world countries and states are adopting the ban of plastic bags.

If this ban is not put in place we can look forward to:

1) More toxins being leaked from the bags into the ground water and oceans.

2) Our beaches and streets filling up with more litter.

3) An estimated 12,000,000 barrels of non-renewable petroleum oil used in the production of the plastic bags.

4) $500,000,000 USD wasted on bags which could be used towards green energy or public schools.

5) The 10 million ton great pacific garbage patch increasing as the bags are broken up into nodules and float in our oceans.

6) Over 100,000 marine animals dead from mistaken consumption.

A great alternative option could be compostable bags and reusable totes.

A ban in O'ahu would not only be great for the environment but O'ahu would be a shining example for other states to look at and adopt the same policy.

Please help O'ahu and its ocean.

3. Hawaii Community Stands Ready to Help Offset Impacts of Teacher Furloughs

The decline in Hawaii’s economy and state tax revenues have necessitated corresponding cuts to public programs. There are plenty of unnecessary government programs available to cut.

However, instead of cutting the Department of Education (DoE)’s singularly over‐large central bureaucracy as appropriate, the DoE and the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA), have determined to meet the DoE budget reduction mandate by, in part, furloughing public school teachers for 17 days each year.

The government option has failed and the burden is being thrown onto students, frontline teachers and families. In addition to bearing job losses while having to pay the already increasing taxes that the Hawaii legislature is pursuing, Hawaii families now have to bear the additional financial burden of providing child care or suitable private instruction for their children on the furlough days. Plus, our teachers are out of work for 17 days.

4. Legalize ferrets in Hawaii!

"A number of states classified ferrets as wild animals and banned them as pets before they become popular as companion animals in the United States. As ferrets grew in popularity, these bans were overturned in quick succession. At this point, California and Hawaii remain the only two states to prohibit ferrets. There has been no effort to legalize them in Hawaii, whereas the struggle in California has been ongoing for fifteen years.

The stated objection given by ferret opponents in California is that ferrets could start breeding in the wild and pose a threat to agriculture and native species. Since ferrets in the U.S. are exclusively indoor pets, are almost always spayed and neutered, do not survive on their own for more than a few days, and have absolutely no history of breeding on their own anywhere in the country, we are not sure where these fears are coming from. Although the true motivation for opposing ferrets remains a mystery to us, we hope that the injustice will soon be rectified, either by the legislature or through a state-wide ballot initiative."

The above text is directly quoted from:

Ferrets are commonly believed to be wild, vicious animals that will hunt and kill prey if let loose. This is false...misinformation pure and simple. Ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years; possibly even longer then the common house cat! Domestic ferrets are significantly different from their wild counterparts having poor vision, skeletal differences, size differences, and reproductive difficulties! They are not hunters! There are only 65 reports of ferrets causing real harm per year (bites, scratches, etc.) out of the 8-10 MILLION ferrets in the U.S. alone! Even attacks per capita leave ferret attacks at a ratio of 1:250 at the MOST conservative and unrealistically low standards. In a more realistic light you are almost 5,000 times more likely to be bitten by a dog than a ferret! For more information about ferrets and the rumors surrounding them click on one of the following links:

Ferrets are officially domestic animals and are statistically much less dangerous then dogs or cats. If you're still not convinced then send me a message and let me know why ferrets SHOULD be illegal!!