Governor Neil Abercrombie
United States of America

In the amount of time it will take to read this petition 60,000 bags are used in the United States alone.
All over the world countries and states are adopting the ban of plastic bags.

If this ban is not put in place we can look forward to:

1) More toxins being leaked from the bags into the ground water and oceans.

2) Our beaches and streets filling up with more litter.

3) An estimated 12,000,000 barrels of non-renewable petroleum oil used in the production of the plastic bags.

4) $500,000,000 USD wasted on bags which could be used towards green energy or public schools.

5) The 10 million ton great pacific garbage patch increasing as the bags are broken up into nodules and float in our oceans.

6) Over 100,000 marine animals dead from mistaken consumption.

A great alternative option could be compostable bags and reusable totes.

A ban in O'ahu would not only be great for the environment but O'ahu would be a shining example for other states to look at and adopt the same policy.

Please help O'ahu and its ocean.

We, the undersigned, call on Governor Neil Abercrombie to ban the use of plastic bags in stores on O'ahu.

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