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1. Save Languages in Groningen

Last year the University of Groningen decided to merge most of its Modern Language Programmes into a single programme: European Languages and Cultures, featuring the study of 10 European languages from a European perspective. But this new programme was barely in its third month when the University announced plans to reduce the number of languages from 10 to 6. As of September 2013, students will not longer have the possibility to choose Danish, Norwegian, Finnish or Hungarian.

However, the value of these languages extends well beyond the university walls. Cultural exchanges between countries large and small are of great economic importance. Accordingly, the study of languages and cultures at academic level is vital –language students go on to work as writers, communicators, translators, interpreters, editors etc. If the University of Groningen’s plans to discontinue four modern language programmes take effect, unique expertise will be drained from the country, with devastating effects in the long term. With this petition, we urge the University of Groningen to reconsider these plans, and to continue to offer Danish, Finnish, Hungarian and Norwegian as part of the European Languages and Cultures programme. If you want to support our cause, please sign this petition and spread the word!

On behalf of staff, students and alumni of the departments of Scandinavian and Finno-Ugric languages at the University of Groningen

Prof. Muriel Norde
(Chair of Scandinavian Languages and Cultures)
Prof. Cornelius Hasselblatt
(Chair of Finno-Ugric Languages and Cultures)

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2. Protect the Wolves of Norway

The wolf population in Norway is in a critical situation. This spring the government of Norway sanctioned a culling of wolves from only an estimated population of 25 wolves remaining in the country. During the hunt, an alpha female was killed "by accident" from one of the packs not to be targeted for the hunt - effectively dispersing the family. By the end of the hunt there were only 2 families left, and only one mating pair between the two.

The attitude of the government is biased by heavy lobbying of sheep farmers throughout the country who are trying to protect their free-range sheep. A quote from Afenposten tells all: "We want to keep Norway wolf-free. The wolf is vermin and should be taken out," said the leader of the Center Party program committee, Lars Peder Brekk."

Recently another wolf was found dead by unknown causes. This male wolf was a member of the family of wolves whose alfa female was wrongfully killed during the hunt. This death strikes a devastating blow to the wolf population. Now only one family survives in Norway.

The purpose of our petition is to show global support for the wolves and to demand the government of Norway change their policies and protect the wolves from extinction.