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1. Support a Local Historic District for Newburyport

In support of creating a Local Historic District (LHD) for Newburyport, Massachusetts.

For more information about Newburyport's proposed Local Historic District (LHD) please go to the city's website here.

2. Opposition to the creation of a Local Historic District in Newburyport Massachusetts

The City of Newburyport is considering creating an ever increasing, open ended, Local Historic District.

3. Create the Newburyport Local Historic District

Ever since the undertaking of the survey in 1984 to place the Newburyport Historic District under the designation of the National Register of Historic Places, efforts have been made to create a mechanism to protect these precious assets.

Many visitors after seeing the beautiful historic neighborhoods assume incorrectly that the City has in place ordinances to protect and preserve the very buildings that have provided renewed wealth to the City. They are continually shocked when they learn there is none except a one-year demolition delay.

Though many attempts have been made to slow the demolition of these historic structures, Mass Historic has noted that over 700 buildings of the 2,750 plus structures have been lost since 1984.

In fact, in just the last ten years, the amount of demolition has actually accelerated. We, the citizens of Newburyport know the urgency to put into place some means to preserve our historic downtown and neighborhoods.

The very best mechanism is to institute a local historic district over this area which protects the exterior of the buildings and historic streetscapes.

4. Stop ANY Multi Story Large Scale Downtown Parking Garage in Newburyport MA

Over the past 20+ years, Newburyport’s neighborhoods, grass roots groups and city government have participated in many studies, commissions, committees and council meetings in an effort to make our local government ascertain real details of a garage plan & its necessity.

Concerned Citizens against downtown Garages include the following Pleasant, Titcomb & Merrimac Street Residents – The Bernards , The Cargills, The Lopardos, The Murphys, The Nichols, The Rourkes. We are residents and business owners in downtown Newburyport who are against any large scale multi story facility. This is a critical issue, which, in our opinion, could have a permanent negative impact on the city of Newburyport.