#City & Town Planning
Newburyport MA Citizens, Taxpayers and Government Officials
United States of America

The City of Newburyport is considering creating an ever increasing, open ended, Local Historic District.

At Stake property rights - The LHD, initiated by local activists, who say they want to preserve history. On the surface, Who could be against that?


What will LHD accomplish?
Adding more layers/hurdles to an already cumbersome & costly process to Newburyport taxpayers.

What will be the process?
The creation of a LHD comittee with the power to put their thumb of non-approval on any proposed improvements made on any property within the district.

What will be the end result?
Stifling architectural innovation and diversity. Creating a comittee with absolute control of every street, every roofline, every door, every window, and every landscape treatment. Citizens and taxpayers will have to stand before this appointed panel, hat in hand, to request permission to construct, replace or renovate something, upon their property, that most, have spent significant portions of their lives to buy, maintain and pay ever-increasing taxes upon.

Signing this petition states clearly that you are OPPOSED to the LHD.

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