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1. HONDA Bring Back The 2-Stroke CR

H O N D A made the most bulletproof 2-strokes and now have stopped production. H O N D A has the technology to produce the 2-stroke engine with fuel injection (Like they did in 1995 with the HONDA EXP-2.

The thing about this technology (Active radical combustion as HONDA called it... actually know as HCCI Homogeneous charge compression ignition) was that it increased performance, fuel consumption and emissions!

HONDA could dominate the market in 2-strokes again, we just need to give HONDA a little shove, that's all.

I will add more to this tomorrow e.g. pics etc.

2. Keep Mr. F Costa at Assumption

Mr. Costa needs to be here for us at Assumption!

We demand he stay here and we refuse to quit until he stays!

3. Allow War Hero to continue to Maintain Garden after 40 years work

Petition against Local Authority’s Action to Remove Fence around flower garden Maintained by War Veteran and his family for Over 40 Years.

Mr Aldridge’s family have lived in Normandy Drive in Taunton, Somerset ever since the houses were built, Mr Aldridge grew up in the house and has contributed to the maintenance of the small section of land beside his parents house.

Mr Aldridge, sadly lost his parents and took on the tenancy of the family home from the Local Council, Taunton Deane Borough Council when he left the Armed Forces, serving for his Country in many military operations, including the 1st Gulf War. Mr Aldridge, has continued to care and maintain the land and small fence up until, this very day.

Taunton Deane Borough Council is now forcing Mr Aldridge to remove the fence or court action will be taken against him. This petition is to help Mr Aldridge in his fight against the Local Authorities, to allow Mr Aldridge to maintain the beautiful piece of land with the flower beds around the trees and rose beds and avoid this area being left to gather rubbish and be misused like many other areas locally have.

After fighting for his country, can a war hero not be allowed to upkeep a piece of land unused by anyone else? This is Local Authorities gone mad! Local press and news stations are in support of Mr Aldridge and his good intentions.

4. Save Serns

Justin Serns is well known around the school campus for being one of the most fun and dedicated Physical Education teachers around. But what some people don't know is that he is the 8th Grade Science and 8th Grade Math teacher and the Jr. High Basketball coach.

As you all probably know, these economic times are harsh. The school needs around 45 new kids to keep all of the staff. Since that is not a realistic goal with the senior class graduating taking several kids with it the school has decided to cut Justin Serns.

Justin Serns is one of the youngest teachers at the school, and a favorite teacher to the students he teaches. The kids he teaches can really relate to him. The school needs some new, young teachers, and that is what he is.

5. A third "The Pretender" movie / New episodes / The Pretender Mini Serie

The Pretender is (or should I say was) A very cool series. It was about someone who could become anyone he wanted to be. But the series never got finished. They made 2 movies (The Pretender 2001 and The Pretender: Island Of The Haunted), but they never finished the story.

There are still lots of questions left. Thats why I, and all the people who signed this petition are asking NBC / TNT / Pretender Studio's / Micael T. Weiss and all the other actors who stared in The Pretender to create a final movie or continue the series.

Some ideas are that miss Parker and Jarod are going to be together, Miss Parker that finds out the truth about her mother and her real father etc. Please TNT and NBC, I am realy begging you, continue the pretender or release another movie!