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NBC/TNT/Pretender Studio's/Micael T. Weiss

The Pretender is (or should I say was) A very cool series. It was about someone who could become anyone he wanted to be. But the series never got finished. They made 2 movies (The Pretender 2001 and The Pretender: Island Of The Haunted), but they never finished the story.

There are still lots of questions left. Thats why I, and all the people who signed this petition are asking NBC / TNT / Pretender Studio's / Micael T. Weiss and all the other actors who stared in The Pretender to create a final movie or continue the series.

Some ideas are that miss Parker and Jarod are going to be together, Miss Parker that finds out the truth about her mother and her real father etc. Please TNT and NBC, I am realy begging you, continue the pretender or release another movie!

I want The Pretender Series to be continued or a final film about the Pretender (Jarod) and the Centre.

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