Petition Tag - mojang

1. Stopping Microsoft enforcing the EULA on medium to large servers

Will make Minecraft servers less pay to win.

Most medium to large servers will be forced to close.
Many people will stop playing the game as they wont be able to play their favourite servers.

2. Save ZexyZek, Tycerx, YoMamasMinecraft and XViperLink and make Mojang change the EULA

On 2/27/2014 Mojang has updated the Minecraft EULA. There is a part that says people can no longer troll in Minecraft.

Mojang wants their game to be seen in a good way, But I think Mojang should change the Minecraft EULA to allow people to troll in Minecraft to save people like ZexyZek, TycerX, YoMamasMinecraft and XViperLink.

3. Support Minecraft for the Wii U

We , the People, would like Mojang to create Minecraft for the Wii U.

If Mojang takes action and releases Minecraft for the Wii U now, they can sell so much considering the 3M+ Wii Us out there.

If they release next year, they'll only be able to sell 1M apps and games.

4. Minecraft for PS3

Minecraft has been released for the X-Box.

There are many who are able to enjoy this yet there are many who can't. Owners of thePS3 system have allready missed out on so many great games.

Please don't let this be yet another one.

5. Minecraft On PS3

Notch WAS thinking about making it on the PS Vita, but that got canned.

So maybe, If we get enough signatures, Minecraft will be on PS3.