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1. Fix Missouri's property tax structure

Changing Missouri's property tax structure so we tax the land instead of the building will take away the disincentivization of improving property that the property tax structure causes.

2. Requesting a joint Nobel Peace Prize (posthumous) for Mossadegh & Gandhi

A bilingual English/Persian Petition:


On April 12, 2013 we modified this petition slightly but significantly [all 145 signatories up to then were notified--and there was no objection] to the effect of making the present petition a request for a JOINT Nobel Peace Prize (posthumous) for Mohammad Mossadegh AND Mahatma Gandhi--for obvious reasons.

خلاصه--به فارسی: برای جبران بخشی از یک بیعدالتی بزرگ تاریخی، امضا کنندگان این طومار [با پشتیبانی استاد نوام چامسکی در امضای شماره نوزده] از بنیاد نوبل میخواهند که نسبت به تصمیم سال ۱۹۷۴ خود استثنایی تاریخی قائل شده، و در اولین فرصت یک جایزه مشترک صلح نوبل پس-از-وفات را به دکتر محمد مصدق و مهاتما گاندی اعطا کند

PLEASE SEE THE NOTE (BELOW) regarding the links to our website, Facebook page, and CONTACT INFO.

ایمیل تماس :
در صورت تمایل میتوانید این طومار را با نام مستعار، یعنی به عنوان ناشناس، امضا کنید

SUMMARY--in English: To partially correct an immense historical injustice, this petition [backed by Prof. Noam Chomsky at signature number 19] asks the Nobel Foundation to make an historic exception to its 1974 decision, and as early as possible award, posthumously, a joint Nobel Peace Prize to Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh AND Mahatma Gandhi.


Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) is HONORED to have Noam Chomsky [ the "World's top public intellectual" -- ] as the "Honorary Chair" of its "Board of Endorsers (and Advisors, as Needed), and as a leading signer of this "historic" petition, at signature number 19.

PLEASE SEE THE NOTE (BELOW) regarding the links to MLI's website, Facebook page, and CONTACT INFO.


Perhaps the best way to share some needed background about why we, the undersigned, are seeking in this campaign a posthumous Nobel Peace Prize (especially) for Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, is to convey parts of the endorsement statements provided by three of the initial endorsers of the organization behind this petition to the Nobel Foundation:

Prof. Noam Chomsky -- Voted "the world's top public intellectual" in the 2005 poll by Prospect / Foreign Policy:

"In full agreement with Cindy Sheehan, especially where she emphasizes the American nature of this responsibility, of this moral wound [see below], I am very glad to... endorse the mission of the Mossadegh Legacy Institute."

Prof. Richard A. Falk -- The UN's Special Rapporteur on human rights in occupied Palestine:

Dear Moji Agha: "I congratulate you for this initiative. In a small way the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) is a beginning of an American acknowledgment of the profound harm done to the people of Iran by initiating a chain of political events that started with the CIA engineered coup that restored the autocratic Shah to power and led to a revolutionary process hijacked by repressive theocrats, in the name of Islam. I admire very much the legacy of Dr. Mossadegh [for] his passion for democracy and justice."

Cindy Sheehan -- Renowned American author and anti-war activist in the proud non-violent tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi:

"The mission of this historic initiative should be (and indeed is) primarily an AMERICAN moral responsibility. Why American? Because the temporarily successful violent overthrow of the non-violent 'George Washington of Iran' was the mother of almost all profoundly destructive subsequent errors of state judgment in the recent history of this country, at least since the deeply misguided CIA coup of August 19, 1953. Had the U.S. government not overthrown Iran's young democratic government 60 years ago, history would have unfolded quite differently, and many of today's conflicts would have been avoided. So I firmly believe, that 'We the People' should view the Mossadegh Legacy Institute (MLI) as a truly patriotic opportunity to help rehabilitate the collective conscience of our own nation. In other words, this is a neglected AMERICAN moral wound in need of authentic examination and real healing, not just an Iranian, Middle Eastern, or 'global South' festering wound."

NOTE: For more information please see the MLI's website, herein:

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3. Michelle Obama Please Visit Black Jack, MO! Support Build A Body Kid's Fitness

Each fall, Christian Embassy Church (CEC) in Black Jack, Missouri hosts an annual community fundraiser for a nationally recognized charity organization suitably named Harvest Fest. In years past, CEC has raised funds for United Service Organizations (USO), American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association just to name a few.

The monies raised total into the thousands. This year's charity recipient is a local non-profit organization, Buid A Body Kid's Fitness, Inc.. As many people know, the child obesity epidemic in America is at an increasingly staggering level and its correction is a major focus of our First Lady, Michelle Obama.

In an effort to attract Mrs. Obama's recognition of our support towards the elimination of this nationwide problem and to invite her to Harvest Fest, we are asking for your signature which will be sent to The White House for review.

4. Release/US Residence: Nestor Albanez-Castillo

Nestor Mauricio Albanez-Castillo was brought to the United States when he is 7 years old and is now being asked to leave the United States. This is the only home he knows, he is married to a United States citizen and has 3 living children and 1 son who was stillborn.

Nestor made mistakes through out the course of his life just like every other person who resides in the United States. The charge that Immigration is asking him to leave the states for is over 10 years old. In the last 10 years Nestor has shown maturity and growth and become a productive member of society. Is it fair to ask him to leave because he is human? He is not a terrorist nor a threat to the community, he simply wants to reside with his wife and children who miss him dearly. The children have been effected by this horrible and immoral situation tremendously.

We ask that you please consider his ties to the United States and allow his release and for him to obtain his permanent residency.

5. Freedom of Choice in Healthcare

The reason for outrageous medical cost in America is simple: Prohibitive Regulation = Prohibitive Cost.

Severe licensing restrictions orchestrated by doctors and enacted by legislators to limit competition have created a critical artificial shortage of doctors; and additional ludicrous, stifling regulation of all aspects of the medical industry has pushed the cost of medical services well beyond the financial means of much of the population.

6. AT&T DSL to Summerset lake

At&t DSL Service is available in the surrounding areas of Summerset Lake. Many customers have DSL access within just ONE mile of our community.

I have recently been informed that AT&T ran a "Remote Fiber Terminal" to the lake, but has not been motivated to fit us into their budget. The remote fiber terminal allows for locations that are further away from AT&T's central office to be eligible for DSL.

An overwhelming number of residents in our area have expressed the need for a faster internet service and would gladly pay for DSL in our area.

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