White House Scheduling for Michelle Obama
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Each fall, Christian Embassy Church (CEC) in Black Jack, Missouri hosts an annual community fundraiser for a nationally recognized charity organization suitably named Harvest Fest. In years past, CEC has raised funds for United Service Organizations (USO), American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association just to name a few.

The monies raised total into the thousands. This year's charity recipient is a local non-profit organization, Buid A Body Kid's Fitness, Inc.. As many people know, the child obesity epidemic in America is at an increasingly staggering level and its correction is a major focus of our First Lady, Michelle Obama.

In an effort to attract Mrs. Obama's recognition of our support towards the elimination of this nationwide problem and to invite her to Harvest Fest, we are asking for your signature which will be sent to The White House for review.

We support the effort of Build A Body Kid's Fitness, Inc. and Christian Embassy Church in eliminating the child obesity epidemic.

We are hoping the nation's First Lady Michelle Obama will visit Harvest Fest 2012 to witness the effort first hand.

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