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1. Save North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood

The North Kelvin Meadow and Children's Wood are a multi-use wild green space between Maryhill and North Kelvin in Glasgow.

It is bounded by Clouston, Sanda and Kelbourne Streets, and used to be football pitches and tennis courts. For 20 years, since the City Council abandoned the land, local residents have been looking after it.

Around 1000 people per month have been using the land at formal events over the last year, and many more use it informally for their children to play in, for dog-walking, and for environmental issues such as growing food and composting. A planning application has been submitted which will level all but a handful of the 480 trees on the site.

We are past the point at which we are allowed to make formal representation to the Planning Department. But we still need your support - this petition will be used in an appeal to the Scottish Government if the planning application is approved by the City Council.

Please follow the links for much more on this issue of the importance of wild green space that is so important to all of us.

2. Tullos Hill Meadowlands & Deer Park

Controversial plans to plant 89,000 trees on Tullos Hill, Aberdeen, are under fire from the public, community councils, animal charities and experts. This petition seeks to preserve this crucial wildlife habitat as the rich meadowland it already is. The city has approved plans to build on other nearby meadows, which will be lost forever.

The tree planting scheme would require a cull of roe deer - because it is allegedly the cheapest option to protect the trees. The deer have lived in this area for generations, live approximately 6-7 years, and according to some accounts are nearly tame. Non-lethal ways to protect the trees exist – but the supporters of the tree scheme refuse to spend money on these when killing is cheaper.

The Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals has called the tree scheme ‘abhorrent and absurd’ – a sentiment shared by the thousands who have already signed petitions to save the deer. There is no evidence the deer are in any danger of starving or over-population; the City is belatedly making sweeping statements that culls are part of land management. The original reason the cull was proposed is, and remains, the tree scheme. There was a public consultation – but shooting the deer was never mentioned at the time (even though using rabbit fences was mentioned). This consultation put out a misleading impression that animal issues had been thought through and only the rabbits were worth mentioning. This is one of the reasons the objections to the scheme are so strong.

The tree scheme also requires several years of weed-killer spraying, the effects and cost of which are unknown at this time. The proponents of the tree scheme also plan gorse clearance (gorse provides year-round food and shelter to many forms of wildlife), loss of feeding and breeding meadow and grass lands, and loss or damage to small archaeological sites which are dotted all over the hill. There are several large Bronze Age cairns on the site, which would be obstructed by trees.

There is no justification for changing one ecosystem for another - particularly when the previous attempt failed (due to weeds, vandalism, poor soil, wind and deer browsing) – which cost the taxpayer a minimum of £43,800. Perhaps there would have been less deer damage if the recommended size of tree guards had been used, but instead of the 120cm guards recommended 90cm ones were put in.

There is no proof that the new tree planting scheme would be more successful than the previous attempt. It is now recognised that meadows are being lost at a phenomenal rate, and this petition calls upon the relevant bodies to protect and enhance Tullos Hill. These are some, but not all, of the reasons why this scheme – originally a Liberal Democrat election pledge – should be abandoned.

3. Provide a stop light for Northside Apostolic Church

We the people of the community request a traffic light be installed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile road located in North Pensacola. A traffic light is desperatley needed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile rd. There have been numerous accidents with three of them causing fatalities in the past 4 months.

Members of Northside Apostolic rd located at the intersection fear for their life or that an accident may occur each night they head to church. Parents fear an accident may occur when arriving at this intersection on the way to taking their children to and from Pine Meadow Elementary School which is located close to the intersection as well.

Please help us as concerned people of the community to get a traffic light at this intersection before another fatality occurs.

4. North Kelvin Meadow Campaign

The North Kelvin Meadow Campaign ( is a voluntary community organisation in Glasgow. At the end of 2008, volunteers began to transform a derelict playing field into an inspiring green space, including a meadow, woodland, a community orchard and allotments.

Glasgow council wants to sell the land for flats, but local people feel strongly that it should remain a community space and do not want these flats on the land. Local authorities are required by law to provide allotment sites and Cosla, the umbrella body for Scotland's councils, has compiled a report which urges local authorities to acquire, manage and develop more land for allotments.

Currently the waiting list for allotments in the area is eight years. Please support us by signing the petition and writing to your MP, MSP and Glasgow Council about it! Thanks.

5. Budget revision: West Meadow Hill Condo Association

July 21, 2006

West Meadow Hill Condo Association:

We are petitionong the current budget that was voted on in the annual meeting held on May 16, 2006.

We request a new meeting be held to review the budget as the original budget sent to unit owners was changed the night of the annual meeting and those not in attendance had given proxies based on the budget that was mailed.

6. Sports Lights for the MP III clubhouse

We have a new clubhouse that opened up for our section of the development. We would like to add sports lights to the tennis and basketball courts. The other 2 clubhouses have these sports lights and many residents would greatly appreciate and benefit have the lights.