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1. Bring Madeline McCann Home

Madeline McCann was snatched from her apartment on May 3rd 2007. Since then her family have heard nothing but have vowed not to give up hope until they find her.

Their hope should be inspirational to us all, and we should support them in their search for their daughter. Madeline McCann is beautiful little girl. Please let her return home to her family.

2. Protect Televised Religion Shows ( Touched by an Angel etc.)

Athiest, Madeline Murray O'Hare, eliminated prayer and bible readings from public schools 15 years ago. Her organization has recieved a Federal hearing by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)in Washington, DC. This petition, which includes 287,000 signatures, would start a new path to "destruction" for the rights of Christians. Her petition, #2493, is an effort to stop Gospel readings on the airwaves in the USA. If they win this petition, Christmas programs will be eliminated from television and radio. TV shows such as Touched by an Angel will have to cancel. Together, we can stop this from happening. We are hoping for one million signatures. If we do this, we can prove to Madeline Murray O'Hare and her organization that we Christians are still here and that we are not going to back down. Please sign our petition as a single person, not jointly. Stand up for your religious freedom. Together we can make the difference.