Whoever has Madeline

Madeline McCann was snatched from her apartment on May 3rd 2007. Since then her family have heard nothing but have vowed not to give up hope until they find her.

Their hope should be inspirational to us all, and we should support them in their search for their daughter. Madeline McCann is beautiful little girl. Please let her return home to her family.

We, the undersigned, call on whoever has Madeline, or whoever has any information regarding her disappearance to come foward with anything they know that might help her case, or to leave Madeline in a place where she will be safe, and can then be returned to her family.

We also call on Portugese poilce not give up on her, their efforts in searching for her so far have been brilliant, please don't give up until you find her.

Please remember, she is only 4 years old. Please, do the right thing, all her family want is their daughter back.

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