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For those of you who HAVE seen the movie Old Boy, I don't need to explain at all why it should never be remade.

For those of you who HAVEN'T seen the film, it is a 2003 South Korean film directed by Park Chan-wook that will blow your mind. It's simply such an incredibly unique and well done picture that it deserves to stand forever alone as a cult-classic.

2. Support for STTA Team and Decision on Coach of the Year nomination

There is quiet minority that support the STTA in its decision on Coach of the Year 2009 nominations. This is an opportunity for that minority to be heard.

3. SAW bring back leigh whanell and james wan

We want to bring back the two writers of the first 3 SAW movies as SAW 4 was not the same without them.

Don't get me wrong I love the SAW movies and thought SAW 4 was great but leigh and james need to be writers again. I will be bringing this petition to one of my co workers, who is a childhood friend of james wan they went to the same university (the RMIT) so he will then be able to pass it on to him.

Anyway please sign this and BRING BACK LEIGH AND JAMES!!