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We want to bring back the two writers of the first 3 SAW movies as SAW 4 was not the same without them.

Don't get me wrong I love the SAW movies and thought SAW 4 was great but leigh and james need to be writers again. I will be bringing this petition to one of my co workers, who is a childhood friend of james wan they went to the same university (the RMIT) so he will then be able to pass it on to him.

Anyway please sign this and BRING BACK LEIGH AND JAMES!!

Sign this petition if you want to bring back leigh whanell and james wan to the writing block for the future SAW movies.

The new writers did a good job but SAW just wasn't the same. There was no bathroom the twist was the same as SAW 1 and it just didn't have that SAW feel to it.

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