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1. We support Mayor Hales Proposal to not spend $1.2 million in 2013-14

The mayor's proposed budget would include $700,000 in one-time "bridge funding" to allow for the bureau to reduce its strength through attrition, and not by laying off the bureau's most recent, more diverse hires.

The mounted patrol unit now consists of six full-time officers, one sergeant, two stable attendants and one horse trainer and costs about $1.2 million. The city budget office recommended it be eliminated "in light of current fiscal constraints,'' the office analysis said.

2. Save pure mathematics at the VU University Amsterdam

As with most universities in the Netherlands, the VU University Amsterdam suffers from financial underfunding. All faculties and all departments at the VU are asked to take measures to deal with this problem.

For the Department of Mathematics a committee of applied mathematicians has put forward a proposal to close the Geometry Section, which consists of six tenured positions and focuses on algebraic K theory, algebraic topology, and general/geometric topology. At the same time, some of the funds freed up by the abolition of the Geometry Section are to be used for the creation of two additional positions in the Analysis Section. This proposal has received the endorsement of the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences and of the Executive Board of the university. Two members of the Geometry Section will retire in the next two years and closure of the section will allow for termination of the other four tenured positions. Thus, the proposal's drastic measures will merely cut the total number of positions by two.

Of the four positions slated for termination, one is in general/geometric topology and has been held since 2001 by Jan Dijkstra. The other three people were appointed less than four years ago: Dietrich Notbohm, Rob de Jeu, and Tilman Bauer. This introduced algebraic K-theory and algebraic topology as new research subjects at the VU. In 2010, a research evaluation of all Dutch mathematics departments by an international committee took place. The committee welcomed these changes very much, stating that strong young people provided new impetus to the group in mainstream mathematics and offered promise for the future.

What are the consequences of the closure of the Geometry Section for the university? Algebra, algebraic topology, and general/geometric topology will vanish. Algebraic K-theory and general/geometric topology will cease to exist in the Netherlands, and only Utrecht will be left with research in algebraic topology. No pure mathematicians will be on the staff anymore. The university will give up central areas of mathematics and adopt a narrow research profile. The education of students offered at the VU will also become much narrower, which may lead to a drop in the yearly intake of students, and will certainly compromise the academic chances for VU graduates.

This petition asks for a reconsideration of this plan. By signing it you will help to save the Geometry Section at the Department of Mathematics at the VU!

3. Against the Massive Teacher Layoffs in California

Over 19,000 layoff notices were given to teachers throughout the state of California, a state that has seen periods of crisis similar to such before. An Educational cut of this magnitude will effect classrooms throughout the state substantially.

"These current cuts are sure to push us further down the scale. Our future depends on our ability to prepare the next generation for success in the hyper-competitive global economy. The budget crisis and the teacher layoffs we are now witnessing makes that challenge much, much harder. In order to deliver the quality education our students need we must get off this budget roller coaster and find a stable, long-term solution to education funding. Our future depends on it."

Jack O'Connell- State Superintendent of Public Instruction


*Work Contracts* ARE the way for Our Economy to recover from Recession. Job SECURITY is only a thing of the past, due to Insurance Companies and Tax breaks to Corporations who lobby to keep control of the LABOR LAWS. These will only Change Through Your Participation in Reforming this Injustice (LAY-OFFS) of the AMERICAN WORKER.

This petition is to demand an end to LAYOFFS. AS Americans we deserve Job security. A system that benefits from work contracts is Germany and other EU nations. See for work contacts by nation (under "other countries").