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1. Save The Little Albion, Broadstairs

The Little Albion, a lovely family friendly pub in Broadstairs, Kent is to have its license reviewed by Thanet District Council on 10th August 2017 due to applications and complaints by a few local residents on the grounds of prevention of public nuisance.

The new owner has done a fantastic job of turning the venue around in the past year, however a few residents are asking for this lovely pub to be closed which will mean a loss of jobs and a facility which is enjoyed by many in the local community. The loss of this pub to the majority of locals would be devastating, the entertainment has been fantastic in bringing in both regulars and further afield patrons.

The owner has complied with everything asked of them and is hoping that this will be enough.

Too many pubs are closing, therefore we need to try and preserve this local pub.
We need to show Thanet District Council the strength of feeling towards this application and we urge you to sign our petition.

2. Rehome a deserving family

A young working mother with 3 children of school age become homeless and lose all belongings after an accidental fire caused by faulty electrical equipment destroyed there life. She turns to the local authority Swale Borough Council for help in being re-homed as she was in private rental and has nowhere else to turn, unfortunately they refuse to help in re-homing leaving them struggling to live and carry on a normal life.

Below is documented link to the fire…/home-saved-after-neighbours-…/

Yet recently as reported in Kent Online it is reported that "Swale council agree to house up to 10 Syrian refugee families over five years says leader Cllr Andrew Bowles" If these people can be helped when they have no-one else to turn to then surely our own families should be able to expect the same help. Is this really the caring community side of Swale Borough Council they want us to judge them by ?

Below is documented link to the rehoming of syrian refugees…/council-offers-to-house-syri…/

3. Save QEQM accident and emergency department

There are talks about potentially closing the accident and emergency unit at the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother hospital in Margate, Kent.

This will mean the 140,000 residents of Thanet will have to travel to Canterbury to use the nearest facilities. Our hospital has slowly been stripped back and soon we won't have a hospital at all.

The hospitals in surrounding areas are all ready under enough strain without having having to accommodate for the whole of Thanet as well.

Please fight for our A&E by signing today.

4. Keep Kent Frack Free

Fracking is dangerous and pointless, we want it banned and we want Kent to be frack free. Key reasons why you sign this petition:

1) It is not sustainable to develop new sources of fossil fuels. If climate change is to be limited to 2°C, which is necessary to avoid catastrophic impacts, 80% of proven fossil fuels reserves cannot be burnt. We note that, with one quarter of the county less than 5m above sea level, Kent is very vulnerable to the rise in sea level that will result from our changing climate.

2) All water supplies in Kent are severely stressed. Fracking requires very large quantities of clean water (almost 19 million litres per frack). There is not an adequate water supply in Kent to sustain fracking.

3) Fracking produces very large quantities of polluted water which contain radioactive elements from deep underground. Water treatment plants cannot safely dispose of this waste.

4) Water supplies can be polluted by fracking due to pollutants leaking from the shale rock, or from wells drilled through an aquifer. There are many cases of water pollution from fracking documented in the USA.

5) Kent’s roads are already busy with many heavy goods vehicles. Development of onshore oil or gas extraction would require many truck movements, increasing the heavy vehicle goods traffic on Kent’s major and rural roads.

6) We value the peace and amenity of Kent’s countryside, and oppose onshore oil and gas development that would industrialise rural Kent. Production from onshore wells is short-lived, requiring many wells to be drilled.

7) Financial analysts, the Chancellor and the onshore oil and gas industry all accept that development of shale oil and gas in the UK will not reduce the price of gas.

5. FrAck Free Bromley

Bromley Borough is in the South-East of London, to the north of the Weald of Kent. The Geological layers here could contain Shale Gas, or oil, depending on the composition of the Shale layers. Bromley Council has already given a licence to the Northdown Energy company (now in partnership with Alamo Energy) for a seismic survey in the very south of the borough near to Knockholt.

No results of this survey have been announced. Bromley is also a Conservative-led Borough, and could be swayed by the Coalition Government's offer of cash from the fracking operations paid into their coffers. Fracking wells are 'operational' for about 24 months, and are then closed; wells use up to 19 million gallons of fresh, clean water during their short operation times; 'flowback' water is irradiated, full of other chemicals and must be safely disposed of; Cuadrilla has 'pulled back' operations as the Environment Agency has asked for detailed plans to clean this water (which cannot be done, technically);in the USA, flowback water is jetted into the air for evaporation, spreading toxins into the atmosphere.

Finally, the end product, Methane, is a combination of Carbon and Hydrogen CH4 and worse than CO2 for the climate.

6. Coastline Cycleway

There is fantastic potential for a 20-mile seafront cycleway from Folkestone Harbour to Dungeness, a high grade recreational facility for visitors and residents alike that will boost health, tourism, transportation and the Shepway economy.

Like the safe and scenic coastal cycleways of North Kent and Nord Pas de Calais, a dedicated cycleway from Folkestone to Dungeness would put Shepway back on the tourist map - a destination attraction for cyclists, be they long distance riders or a family with bikes on a day-trip from London.

The Folkestone-Dungeness Cycleway is the ambition of Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone and Hythe. The campaign for its realisation is headed by Cycle Shepway, the pressure group for better cycling that must lobby, cajole and propel our authorities into coordinated action.

This petition will be presented to Shepway District Council, Kent County Council, the Environment Agency, the Ministry of Defence and other interested parties such as town and parish councils.

7. True Equality with Friend of the Court

Most friend of the court officials do not have law degrees.
They are not elected their for have no benefit to serving the public. When they break the law it is hard to punish them due to very little over sight and public having no say.

The friend of the court has no real basis to exist besides a perk to judges or less work for judges in that county.

8. Say 'Yes' to Dungeness

This petition calls for the UK Government to support the building of a new nuclear power station at Dungeness in Kent, alongside the existing Dungeness A and B power stations.

Dungeness B station puts around £20 million a year into the local economy, an almost irreplaceable level of investment.

The Secretary of State for Energy Chris Huhne, has stated that the preferred sites for new nuclear power stations would be alongside existing sites and where there is strong local support; Dungeness would certainly pass both of these tests. So why have we not yet been given the go ahead.? It is simply because of the objection of Natural England that to allow a development within the Dungeness to Pett Level Special Protected Area would contravene the EU Habitats Directive. They are putting the welfare of the vegetated shingle above everyone else. Natural England have taken this view despite the fact that the development site is on land largely disturbed by the building of the existing nuclear stations, and is less that 1% of the entire protected area. I do not believe that this development could be said to disturb the integrity of the whole site, something that the regulations require them to consider. In other countries development has been allowed in such protected areas; one example of which was the German government’s support for the expansion of the airport at Baden-Baden.

Natural England have also recently announced that they would like to expand the special protected area around Dungeness by a further 2,500 hectares. Given the development site for the new power station is only around 50 hectares if this expansion of the protected area were to go ahead, that would surely be an adequate compensation.

At a time when the country is looking for investment from the private sector and overseas into our economy, and we need to find new sources of clean and readily available energy, a new power station at Dungeness would also seem to be in the national interest. It’s proximity to London and important location within the South East means that transmission costs for the station will be lower than from other sites. Industry experts also believe that a new power station at Dungeness could be one of the first built and supplying energy. For the long term success of our local economy, and the energy needs of our country taking forward the proposal for a new power station is the right thing to do.
So I hope you will join with me, and say ‘yes to Dungeness’.

Damian Collins, Member of Parliament for Folkestone and Hythe.

9. Improve Medway Transport

We the undersigned are unhappy with the current transport links for the Medway campus and believe additional night time and evening services are required.

10. Petition for the Kent campuses of UCA to have their graduations in the towns that they studied in


On the 19th March, our story was published in the Medway Messenger and Kent News.

According to Kent News, a UCA spokesman defended the decision, saying: “To mark our first graduation ceremonies with full university title, we will be bringing students from Canterbury, Maidstone and Rochester together for a collective celebration at the Maidstone Studios. This venue is a contemporary space which will allow us to create the environment and ambience befitting a creative arts university, for instance by showcasing the work of graduating students through large screen displays."

The question is, why are they telling the media this and not us? They should have consulted us, the students in the first place and given us official reasons at least.

On the 20th of March, UCA finally released a brief statement to the students on the website.

It says, "In response to student feedback, the University is now reviewing the venue options for the graduation ceremonies in Kent. We hope to be able to confirm the arrangements next week."

The petition will be updated once we have been informed of their decision.



We are due to graduate on the 25th June 2009. However, Instead of graduating the towns in which we studied, (i.e. Rochester students have their ceremony in the Rochester Cathedral, Canterbury in Canterbury, Maidstone in a nice historical part of Maidstone).

The university management has decided to move the graduation of all 3 campuses in Kent to the Maidstone studios (where they film the Trisha Goddard show). So that's 3 campuses, 59 courses in total (including post-grad) graduating in one day, under one roof, in 2 ceremonies.

Frankly, this isn't on. So far, students have received 2 explanations as to why this is happening, (both VERBAL explanations, although students are still yet to receive an official explaination). The 1st one is simply political correctness, the university wanted a setting that supposedly represented it's multicultural image.

The 2nd explanation is that UCA cannot afford 3 separate graduations. Considering that they have been blowing the budget on plasma screen TVs for the reception area, canteen and conference room (all rarely used), as well as daily fresh flowers for the reception desk, AND a private party for the uni staff and faculty at non other than the Saatchi Gallery. The fact that the uni has the audacity to say that they cannot afford separate ceremonies at the traditional venues is, frankly, disgusting. Especially considering that we the students are paying, out of our own pockets for our graduation.

To quote someone who has already signed the petition:

"Graduating is an award after spending three years at Uni, it requires a sense of uniqueness to it. Students should not be bundled together with campuses they have never visited on the most important day of their academic lives, especially not since their families have travelled far to witness the event."

Surely, we have the right to choose where we graduate. We want to graduate where students from our campuses have always traditionally graduated, ever since these 3 UCA Kent campuses were called KIAD!