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The London Borough of Bromley
United Kingdom

Bromley Borough is in the South-East of London, to the north of the Weald of Kent. The Geological layers here could contain Shale Gas, or oil, depending on the composition of the Shale layers. Bromley Council has already given a licence to the Northdown Energy company (now in partnership with Alamo Energy) for a seismic survey in the very south of the borough near to Knockholt.

No results of this survey have been announced. Bromley is also a Conservative-led Borough, and could be swayed by the Coalition Government's offer of cash from the fracking operations paid into their coffers. Fracking wells are 'operational' for about 24 months, and are then closed; wells use up to 19 million gallons of fresh, clean water during their short operation times; 'flowback' water is irradiated, full of other chemicals and must be safely disposed of; Cuadrilla has 'pulled back' operations as the Environment Agency has asked for detailed plans to clean this water (which cannot be done, technically);in the USA, flowback water is jetted into the air for evaporation, spreading toxins into the atmosphere.

Finally, the end product, Methane, is a combination of Carbon and Hydrogen CH4 and worse than CO2 for the climate.

Petition to Bromley Council: We, the undersigned, do not want fracking in the Bromley Borough because of the unseen environmental dangers, including the risk of earthquake, pollution to the water supply, loss of water for agriculture and homes and risk of increased illness from irradiated flowback water – which cannot be ‘cleaned’.

Further strain on the transport systems and the number of lorry journeys put more stress on the environment, as well as burning the methane once extracted which will lead to greater climate instability. We ask that Bromley declares itself a ‘Frack Free’ Borough.

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