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1. New Improved Casey's General Store

We, the Citizens of Louisburg, KS. petition Casey's General Store to build and relocate the Casey's General Store located at 501 W. Amity Louisburg, KS. 66053.

There is insufficient parking for the amount of residents who patron this location. It is unsafe not only for patrons but for your vendors and Staff. There is very little room to maneuver a vehicle let alone a fuel truck of which often has to be parked on the main street (Highway 68). The Manager has risked her own safety to help vendors get in and out of the parking lot.

We are asking for a new location. All the small towns around us are being upgraded and we feel we deserve the same priority. This will add value to our small town, safety, and secure jobs.

We demand that the your Management Team and Board of Directors once again take a serious look at your store in Louisburg, KS.

2. Kansas Adequately Fund Education and Keep Certified Librarians

The Kansas Legislature has not adequately funded education for the past several years and as such the Kansas court system has been involved. A couple of criticisms are that the current block grant funding does not provide additional funds when the number of students within a district increases nor does it provide additional funds for students who are more expensive to educate such as students who are physically or mentally challenged.

Many school districts have chosen to reduce or eliminate certified library teacher positions as a way to cut expenses. This means that in an age where information is available 24/7, students will no longer have a teacher who teaches them about information literacy. Concisely stated, "In the nonstop tsunami of global information, librarians provide us with floaties and teach us to swim - Linton Weeks."

The sentiment from elected officials is that anyone can teach. Certified teachers invite legislature members to spend a week in the life of a teacher, planning, teaching, conversing with parents, dealing with discipline, completing paperwork, etc. so that they have a better understanding regarding what it means to be a teacher. It's easy to claim that something is simple when you've never done it before.

It is the responsibility of the Kansas Legislature to adequately fund public education.

3. Shut down Jeffrey Energy Center

Greenhouse gas levels are the main concern in the battle against climate change, and the main contributors are the emissions coming from coal and natural gas power plants.

As the U.S has committed to cut its emissions by 32 % below 2005 levels by 2030, the way that this seems to be reached is by making tighter policies and shutting down the coal power plants.

The Jeffrey Energy center is one of the leading polluters in the U.S It was listed as 12 in top 100 most polluting power plants.

Because it has surpassed its 20 year functioning period, its old technology and design is able to convert just about 33% energy out of the entire production productivity, while the rest ends up being rejected in the environment as waste.

4. Kepp GoodWill thrift shop in Ottawa, Kansas

Ottawa is a small town in Kansas, sitting on the verge of being rural. There's not much in the town, and the people in the town don't have much. I recently came across some discussion regarding plans to remove the GoodWill thrift shop.

The reason I created this petition is because, for one, I'm not even a native of the town (nor the state) and I've stepped through those doors many times (along with many others.) Furthermore, this was an outlet to allow families with tight budgets to still be able to provide things like entertainment and clothing for their children. I myself enjoy hunting through the music and the movie selections... I often find titles that netflix or something has no intention on running.

To remove the Goodwill, and not even relocate to a new building, would be to remove a staple that's quite beneficial and possibly essential to several lives in the community.

5. Lawrence for Downtown Grocery

Dear commissioners:

As you are aware, the entire northeast quadrant of Lawrence lacks a full-line food store, and has not had one for many years. This has long been recognized as a serious deficit for Lawrence residents and neighborhoods near downtown. The lack of convenient grocery shopping is a continuing hindrance to neighborhood revitalization efforts. It is a particular problem for elderly and low-income residents, for whom driving a long distance is difficult or impossible.

The Lawrence Public Library has vacated the former Borders location, 700 New Hampshire St., the summer of 2014. We believe that, with participation of the City of Lawrence, a grocery store can be attracted to occupy this location.

The building is the perfect size for the new breed of smaller discount food stores, such as Aldi, Save-A-Lot and Dollar General Markets. It has a loading dock capable of accommodating a semi-trailer. Traffic counts are high on the adjacent streets. There is adequate parking on the property. In short, it has everything these retailers require.

There is no grocery outlet in the downtown Lawrence area, although there are thriving residential neighborhoods surrounding it. These neighborhoods comprise a mix of professionals, university students, retirees, and working families.

Recently, there has been a surge of high-end multi-story loft development within a block or two of this location. The 1904 Poehler Mercantile warehouse, a few blocks away has also been converted to affordable loft apartments. The entire North Lawrence neighborhood lacks a grocery outlet, and represents a large potential market.

The nearest grocery store is nearly two miles away from downtown, and is a full-price store. The need for an affordable downtown grocery store has long been recognized as an urgent need by planners, city officials, and neighborhood leaders. Placement of a grocery store in this location would surely enjoy wide support and acceptance, and we believe it would be extremely successful.

The near-term availability of the former Borders location constitutes a unique opportunity to fill the need for a central-Lawrence food store. Such an opportunity may not present itself again for many years. Therefore, it is essential that we act in concert now.

6. Old Cowtown Museum continuation of WPRS Public Reveals and ongoing investigations of the paranormal activity

WPRS has raised lots of money over the last 4-5 years for the Old Cowtown Museum which is owned by the city of Wichita.

WPRS wants to continue research at the location and continue to provide evidence to the community about the on going paranormal activity and raise money for the museum and all that it stand for.

7. Stop Racial Profiling

Racial Profiling is ILLEGAL. It is a nationwide problem, and a State of Kansas problem. Statistics show that African Americans are twice likely to be stopped and three times likely to be searched. Hispanics are second in this atrocious offense.


8. The Jayhawk Should be Banned

The Jayhawk represents villains, scoundrels, murders, rapists, plunderers, miscreants, scalawags and vagabonds.

These outlaws raped, murdered, robbed and scalawagged Missouri towns, villages, churches and small children.

The name is associated with disrepute and terrible stuff.

9. Do not schedule Missouri

Summary - We the undersigned are adamantly opposed to the University of Kansas (KU) scheduling any future athletic contests against any Big 12 Conference member that has chosen to leave.

This includes the recently departed Universities of Nebraska-Lincoln (NU) and Colorado-Boulder (CU), Texas A&M University-College Station (A&M), and most especially the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU), since it is the only departing school that has actively and publicly clamored for a continuation of athletic competition with KU.

Explanation - The departures of all of these schools hurt the future prospects of the Big 12 and its remaining members. MU’s decision to leave was particularly disruptive, coming after 8 of the remaining 9 teams had pledged to go forward, and raised conference viability concerns to a new high. At that time, many MU supporters and fans publicly exhibited glee at the fact that KU was left to twist in the wind regarding its future conference affiliation. The decision by MU and A&M to leave created significant contractual problems for the B12, given its multimillion dollar media contracts. Fortunately, the Big 12’s addition of Texas Christian University (TCU) and West Virginia University (WVU) in the summer of 2012 will enable it to meet its contractual obligations for the near future.

In the process of deciding to move to the SEC, MU repeatedly has cited its decision to leave the Big 12 as being the best business decision for the university as a whole, and especially its athletics department and student athletes. It has also repeatedly stressed to KU and to the public that it wishes to continue to play KU in the future. We find this to be totally unacceptable for the following reasons:

1. With MU finally breaking conference ranks with KU after contemplating such a move on a recurring basis over the last twenty years, there is no requirement or need for KU to play them anymore. While there may be a small minority of KU alumni and fans who would like to see the competition continued on the basis of tradition, many of us find that the bitterness between the fan bases of both schools has rendered it less palatable, and we have no desire to continue it just for the sake of tradition.

2. In the same vein as MU's argument for leaving the Big 12, there are no solid business (financial, market share, or brand influence) reasons for KU to continue to schedule MU. Indeed, analysis reveals that all of the business benefits for continuing the series would accrue to MU; we therefore believe that it simply is not a good business decision for KU to continue to schedule MU.

a. Advantages for MU. MU would succeed in averting blame for its having brought the rivalry to an end. MU would retain greater influence and interest in the Kansas City (KC) Metro area, as well as western Missouri, than it would have without its ties to KU. Moreover, MU wouldn’t have to worry as much about its decision to leave the Big 12 being blamed for adversely affecting KC sports economics.

b. Disadvantages for KU. KU has 9 football games to play each year in what is arguably at least the second best, if not the best, football conference in the nation. The 3 non-conference game openings will need to be planned to maximize their benefits to KU. With respect to men’s basketball, playing a program of KU’s elite stature would give MU non-conference appearances in prime time slots on national television that it would not otherwise get. KU can do much better with the networks by scheduling non-conference games against top flight national brands with far more impressive winning traditions and greater national market interest.

3. MU's actions significantly contributed to destabilizing the Big 12. If the conference had failed, at a minimum KU, Kansas State University, Iowa State University and Baylor University all faced uncertain conference affiliation futures and the possibility of significant financial hardships from its collapse.

With MU's decision to leave the conference, it has chosen to walk away from one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, one that began even before KU and MU first became conference partners in 1907. The football rivalry, begun in 1891 and played 120 times to within 1 or 2 games of an all-time draw (depending on whether KU and the NCAA or MU is counting), is the oldest west of the Mississippi. Despite this longstanding tradition, it was MU that chose to abruptly end it by leaving the Big 12.

As alumni and fans, we enthusiastically endorse KU Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, Men's Basketball Head Coach Bill Self, new Football Head Coach Charlie Weis, and all other KU Athletics Head Coaches in taking a firm stand against not scheduling MU for any future games in any KU sports. Their position refuses to reward MU for its damaging behavior, conference disloyalty, and woeful disregard for the tradition-rich rivalry.

Members of the national and local media, with the active encouragement of MU, have recently begun to bring public pressure to bear on KU to continue the rivalry. Many of them are not fully aware of the reasons for KU's position, and many mistakenly believe that most KU fans want the rivalry to continue. Nothing could be further from the truth, as attested to by an ongoing Lawrence Journal World poll that as of February 11, 2012 shows roughly 80% of respondents are against continuing the men's basketball rivalry.

Our names below attest to the fact that we do not want the rivalry to continue, so long as KU and MU are not members of the same conference, and we want you to be secure in the knowledge that we support KU taking its firm and principled position.

10. Call To Change Child Welfare Laws and Protect the Children and Not Biological Parents

See all previous foster cases in which the foster care system has failed the children and returned them home only to have them return to foster care, subjected to additional abuse/neglect, or death.

11. Upgrade Junction City YMCA

-undersized cardiovascular room for 10+ machines
-poor ventilation
-unsafe distance between row 1 of cardio machines and row 2, same for row 2 and the wall.
-no trainers available on site
-minimum training of how to properly use machines from staff
-towels are frayed and worn
-flexible hours
-scale is outdated and not accurate
-no record of janitoral services for pool, showers, sauna or santizing of machines
-fitness mats are deflated
-fitness balls have little to no air reducing quality of workout
-classes are not promoted or encouraged
-no childcare facility for children while members workout
-inadequate space for weight room
-needs new water dispenser
-space of locker room is rather small.

12. Help bring JB to Kansas City, MO

When we found out JB was going on a third tour we were so excited because we thought they would come to Kansas City, where they have huge supporters and great fans, but come to find out they are not.

We looked around for a petition that someone had started and found one but for some odd reason it randomly dropped from 2,000 down to 1,133 we decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own petition.

13. Bring JB to Kansas City, MO

When we found out JB was going on a third tour we were so excited because we thought they would come to Kansas City, where they have huge supporters and great fans, but come to find out they are not.

We had trouble with our other petition when for some odd reason it randomly dropped from 2,000 down to 1,133 we decided to take matters into our own hands and make our own petition.

14. Bring the Jonas Brothers to Kansas!!!

The Jonas Brothers have flown over Kansas so many times in their tours but have only stopped a few!

This is a petition to ask them to stop again and preform for their fans stuck in Kansas (and Missouri)!!

15. Rescuing Recess in Kansas

CHICAGO Oct 9, 2006 (AP)— Here's some soothing medicine for stressed-out parents and overscheduled kids: The American Academy of Pediatrics says what children really need for healthy development is more good, old-fashioned playtime.

16. Reverse the USD 500 Smoking Policy for ATS

Because we service primarily Adult students we feel we at the Area Technical School should be exempt from the school districts policy.

17. Keep the Wichita Boathouse

December 15, 2005

Created for the sake of the Wichita Boathouse.

The Wichita Boathouse was created in 1994. The City of Wichita plans to demolish this historic landmark and create a Wichita Planning Headquarters. This building is also a visitor center for those who are not from Wichita.

If you live in Wichita Kansas or if you think you should sign this petition then feel free to sign it.

18. Absolve Kansas from the Union

On November 8th 2005, the Kansas Board of Education, in a 6-4 vote, voted to absolve the definition of science and redefined it as "no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena."

This new definition will allow not only the scientific theory of evolution to be discounted, but allow the highly flawed and non-scientific theory of intelligent design to be taught.

However, this is not the first time that the Kansas Board of Education has tried to undermine science. In 1999 they voted to eliminate nearly all references to the highly important scientific theory of evolution from their schools. Luckily, the voters of Kansas were able to retroact this grievous act. Yet, these very same voters allowed the road to be taken again.

It is in this light that drastic measures must be taken to protect not only the citizens of Kansas but the rest of the world.

19. The Miki Bill

In February of 2004 one of my dearest friends' daughter, Mikiala Martinez, was kidnapped from the streets of our hometown, Great Bend, Kansas. Mikiala was then taken to rural Barton County, where these 2 men admittedly beat, shot her and hid her body. Since this heinous crime against this mother of two, James Martinez (Mikis father) and I have been attempting to pass a new Kansas Law that will help us as the public to protect ourselves against these violent offenders.

We are very fortunate to have Representatives John Edmonds and Bob Bethel guiding us through the State House. We feel only military, law enforcement and legislators alike are bestowed with the authority, the ability and have undertaken the duty to protect. Other than this we must protect ourselves.

Public notification regarding the potential risk that accompanies these such violent offenders has been highly understated. Statistics prove the majority of these violent offenders violate parole, there for they violate another innocent being. Noone can protect themselves, their homes or their loved ones from potential danger if they are unaware of its presence.

We feel we have THE RIGHT TO KNOW when such violent offenders are released in our community and we hope you agree. There are several ways you can show your support: one short phone call, email or send postal mail to your state representatives, senators, governor, local law enforcement or even email to us, /

Or if you would like give James a call at 620-617-3421. We are grateful for any support any of you find the time to give.

God Bless Mikiala

20. Sell the Kansas City Royals David Glass!

After being mired in the worst losing streak in team history, it is time for David Glass to move on. He has ruined baseball for a once proud franchise, and has desicrated Ewing Kauffman's name.

It is time to stop holding out for revenue sharing, and let someone that actually wants to see THEIR team win have that opportunity.


21. New Celluar Phone Tower for Ashland, Kansas

Consumers of the community of Ashland, Kansas along with those in the surrounding area wish to petition Alltel for the right to have equal use of the cellular company for which we pay. It is our belief that for too long, we have paid the same monthly fee for cellular service without the reception of those who have a tower in their region / area.

22. Support for Tim Wolf

We, the undersigned, believe Tim Wolf was terminated without a fair cause. We are petitioning to show that the community stands behind Tim Wolf and we want him to continue being the City of Argonia Police Chief. He has worked very demanding hours and has done all that was asked of him, time and time again, to show his loyalty to Argonia, Kansas.
The Undersigned

23. Add Joe Delaney to the Chiefs Ring of Honor

Former Chiefs star Joe Delaney gave his own life while trying to rescue drowning children, while he himself could not swim. Due to his giving the ultimate sacrifice to save children he had never met, we believe it is the least the Chiefs could do to add him to their ring of fame.