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1. My son shouldn't have died. Please help me get to the truth of what really happened. A public inquiry into his death and the many others before and after his

My son shouldn't have died. Please help me get to the truth of what really happened. A public inquiry into his death and the many others before and after his is a must. We demand a public inquiry into the North Essex Partnership Trust.

My 20 yr old son was found hanging behind his room door in the Linden Centre, Chelmsford, Essex, 2012. A psychiatric hospital where he had been taken after suffering a psychotic episode. Day three of admission he had called the police to say he was being drugged and raped on the ward. He had bags packed ready to travel the world. His 21st birthday was only a few weeks away. An inheritance was awaiting him. Four days after this call, he was found dead.

Police failed to secure the scene, interview vital witnesses and even destroyed evidence.

Staff falsified Medical papers after his death.

Four needle wounds were found in his groin at postmortem... to date no explanation as to where they came from.

Suicide could not be confirmed. Lots of questions remain unanswered. The coroner suggested a public inquiry be held but the trust have decided not to hold one.

I need your help to force government to action this inquiry.

Things need changing to stop more people dying under NEPFT care and more families being destroyed like mine has been.

Please sign the petition and share with your friends.
To The Secretary of State

I write to humbly request the assistance of the Secretary of State to help save patient lives by investigating fully why my own son died within seven days of admission to a place he was expected to be kept safe.

I write as the mother of Matthew James Leahy 20 yrs who died 15th December 2012 and had been receipt of mental health services with the North Essex Partnership Trust in the Linden Centre Chelmsford.

At the inquest the coroner requested the trust hold a public enquiry, (See document 1-Regulation 28 report copy enclosed), but on the advice of the Trusts solicitor they refused. I even offered to fund an investigation to the tune of £40,000 myself, but they still refused. (see documents 2 and 3)

Inquest verdict – Open Narrative – stating that,
‘Matthew Leahy was subject to a series of multiple failings and missed opportunities over a prolonged period of time by those entrusted with his care.’
The jury found that relevant policies and procedures had not been adhered to, impacting on Matthews’ overall care and wellbeing, leading up to his death.

North Essex Partnership have written to myself, MP Priti Patent l and the CQC January 2015 to confirm all recommendations made after my sons death – (in the serious incident report ) , had been actioned. (See documents 4-5-6-7 enclosed).
It took another patient death in February 2015 for the CQC to actually go in and inspect.

The CQC report published early 2016 has confirmed the fact that anything that the Trust says must be taken with a pinch of salt. The lies have been uncovered! And at the cost of more lives lost.

The recommendations had NOT BEEN actioned!

How are we going to be certain the improvements are fully consolidated into practice and sustained??

Nobody, not one organisation has ever made sure any recommendations made after patient deaths have been actioned and it has only been because of my persistence and more patient deaths that finally something is slowly appearing to be being done to improve services.

Agenices very quickly assumed that referring the issues surrounding the death of my son for a further review would be unlikely to add to the findings of the coroner and North Essex Partnership. They miss the main fact that the investigation the Trust carried out was ambiguous and the coroner was limited to the information provided to help her to discover a cause of death. All agencies involved to date, have only covered the issues surrounding the short stay at the Linden centre.

The community services, the GP involvement, Social workers, EIP Team, the lack of support and police failings, all prior to his death 2011 – 2012 - have never been reviewed. The coroner was clearly of the opinion that things would have been so so different if agencies employed to help my son (a vulnerable person), - had done their job correctly my son would more than probably still be alive. ‘Missed opportunities’.

Eventually after a lot of pressure the cqc went in and inspected the trust in August 2015 to find that none of the recommendations had been actioned.
Since my sons death another five patients have died by the same means.(That I know of…there are probably more..unreported).

I enclose a private investigation that I had commissioned and it proves that the Trust were told to change the doors after another patient death in 2004. (For all areas discussed in this report I have documentary proof):-

Written late 2015.

The NEPFT where two men were found hanged this year had failed to act adequately on recommendations going back a decade on how to minimise suicide risks to patients.

Seven in-patients have now died by hanging at the North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust since 2004, including the two in the first half of this year.

Internal recommendations made after the first of these deaths were not adopted.
In the years since then, six more people have died and at least three other separate warnings and recommendations were issued, both from the healthcare regulator and internally.

But when the Care Quality Commission regulator, carried out an unannounced inspection following a death in February this year, it found the risks had still not been fully addressed.

The recommendations focused on the issue of ligature points, such as on doors, windows and wardrobes. Most in-patient suicides on psychiatric wards occur as a result of hanging from these points.

Trust bosses were first warned about the doors in 2004 following the death of Denise Gregory, 40. She had hanged herself using a radio lead tied to the hinges of the door of her bedroom in the trust’s Linden Centre in Chelmsford, where there are three wards for adults suffering from acute mental mental ill health.
She was a patient on one of these, the Galleywood ward.

After her death, the trust’s risk management and estates departments issued written advice to bosses on how to reduce the risk of patient hangings. They recommended that wardrobe handles should be flush to the door or integrated, bathroom and bedroom doors should be fitted so that they opened both ways – with safety hinges – and that windows should “offer minimum ligature points”.

Risk assessment
A subsequent risk assessment in 2007 highlighted looped wardrobe door handles used throughout the Galleywood ward as representing a particular risk.
The handles were still in place in December 2008 when Ben Morris, 20, died in his bedroom on the ward. He was found hanging by his belt from wardrobe door handles.

A trust inquiry into the death found multiple failings in Ben’s care. Among other recommendations was a call for a “review of ligature points across the acute wards”.
In 2012, two further in-patients died by hanging at the trust. One, whose name has not been disclosed, was found hanging from the handles of his window in a secure room in a unit close to the Linden Centre.

And Matthew Leahy, 20, was discovered hanging from bedding attached to the hinges of his bedroom door – again on the Galleywood ward.

After Matthew’s death an internal inquiry established that his bedroom door did not open outward or have safety hinges.

The inquiry recommended the type of door hinges used by the trust be reviewed “to reduce the possibility of this method of suicide”.

In June 2013, the Care Quality Commission inspected the Linden Centre. Its report acknowledged that the trust had carried out risk audits but again highlighted ligature points as a concern.

Reassurances given
Trust bosses reassured the inspectors the risk would be addressed. The CQC report said: “This was discussed with the senior management team on the day of our inspection who assured us that this had been noted in the service’s patient safety audit and would be addressed.”

In March 2014, 73-year-old Iris Scott hanged herself from the door of her en-suite bathroom in another of the trust’s units, the Crystal Centre for the elderly.
Eleven months later on February 17, a 57-year-old man died after being found hanged from the door of a shower room in the Linden Centre. The inquest into his death is due to be held next month. The room is understood to have been on one of the acute adult wards – the same wards on which Matthew Leahy and Denise Gregory had died.

Three days later on February 20, the CQC sent in a team to inspect the wards.
When the inspectors’ report was finally published in May, it found “high risk” potential ligature points.

“We noticed a number of potential high risk ligature areas around the ward … the trust’s own patient safety audit did not reflect these findings,” the report said.
“Gaps were seen in the completion of the action plan drawn up in response to the annual ligature risk audit and the patient safety audit. The trust’s programme for managing ligature risks was not available.”

Although five bedrooms on the wards without ligature points had been allocated to patients considered at high risk of hanging themselves, the inspectors found the centre’s risk assessments – which would be used to decide who need to be placed in one of these rooms – were inadequately detailed and had not been not updated to reflect changes in patients’ mental state.

Door hinges not changed
The inspectors also found that no action had yet been taken to replace door hinges on the wards despite the recommendations of the inquiry into Matthew Leahy’s death.

“Following a serious incident in 2012 an action point was to review the door hinges in place throughout this location and this had yet to be fully addressed by the trust,” the CQC report said. While managers had “investigated and trialled options” they had not yet made a final decision on what to do, it added.

On May 21 2015, the day after the CQC inspectors’ report was published, 30 year old Richard Wade died after being found hanged on the Linden Centre’s Finchingfield ward. A date for the full inquest into his death has not yet been set. The Bureau understands that he was found hanging from the door of one of the ward’s bathrooms, although the trust has not confirmed this.

Melanie Leahy, Matthew’s mother, has been campaigning since her son died in 2012 for improvements in the Linden Centre and has set up a Facebook page highlighting the issues there.

She wrote to the CQC this month to complain about the trust’s failure to appropriately change the ward’s doors.

She said that “if this issue had been addressed after my son’s death in 2012” two other men might not have died.

She told the Bureau: “The trust has failed in its duty to others as well as my son. These deaths might have been prevented. I believe my son would still be alive if recommendations made after Ben Morris’s death in 2008 had been followed appropriately.”

The CQC told the Bureau that it had conducted a thorough inspection of all the trust’s inpatient services in August 2015 and that a fresh report was being prepared.
Sadly the cqc have published their report from inspection August 2015 and they rated the trust….’inadequate for safety’. They found that new doors had not even been commissioned and ligature points had not been reduced or addressed and even on the day of inspection a patient tried to hang themselves. They also reported another 25 attempted hangings. My request is a call for urgent action into an independent inquiry.

This clearly is the only option available, as internal investigations completed to date have failed to bring answers. We believe an independent investigation is the only way for truth to prevail. We have been trying to obtain the truth surrounding our only sons’ death for over three years now and continue to hit brick wall after brick wall. He was only a young man, with all his life ahead of him.

Our family has been completely destroyed by his death and we will not give up searching for the answers we so desperately need.

Sadly patients continue die within NEPFT care, with 11 being listed in January 2015 alone.
My intention with fighting for Justice for my son was just that…but now I am in touch with so many patients and families – daily, hearing their problems such as that the crisis line is not answering – that their meds have been changed without consultation – that the community worker keeps changing and they have to re-tell their problems – that they have no care plan – that physical problems do not get dealt with once in the mental health system ( I have experience of this fact. ) -the list goes on – most of these issues I experienced with my son 2011…its still happening now in 2016 …this must change …and the only way to do this – is to review what’s happening and make sure lessons are learned.

Finally the Care Act 2014.

Key elements of the care act came into force on April 1st 2015 which shifts the focus in mental health from a narrow conception of disease management to a broader duty to promote wellbeing and early help and prevention for service users and their carers.

The Clinical Commissioning Group states in their minutes that the North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust is not fully complaint with the Care Act and in fact Essex is facing a severe shortage of qualified Approved Mental Health Professionals.

So where can we proceed from here?

Do you take a review of my sons death and others, so agencies can learn from it and perhaps stop this situation happening again???

I have a petition running, which currently holds 629 signatures and is growing by the day.

I have numerous documents to hand regards my sons death and other families loved ones, which the families have entrusted to me in the hope of aiding the progression of this very serious situation.

Please, please help me by commissioning an independent investigation into the deaths of the poor patients already failed, in the hope of stopping more families being destroyed as ours have been.

I eagerly await a promising response,

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Melanie Leahy

Priti Patel MP
Jeremy Hunt MP
Jeremy Wright QC MP Attorney General

Thank you.

2. Investigation regarding University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust

Joshua Titcombe died in 2008 as a result of failures at the maternity unit of University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust. There have been at least 7 deaths there recently.

Whilst there has subsequently been an investigation by the Care Quality Commission and currently there is a police investigation, information has emerged which shows various official bodies knew of serious and systemic failures at the trust, wider than maternity services, and did little or nothing about them. The trust was awarded NHS Foundation status in spite of this and information has been suppressed. This comes AFTER Mid Staffordshire.

It is vital that lessons are learnt about failures in the CURRENT system of regulation to protect patients in the future.

Action against Medical Accidents ("AvMA" - the charity for patient safety & justice) supported the Titcombe family with Joshua's inquest and continues to work with them to campaign for an independent investigation into the wider issues concerning the trust.

3. Inquiry into Australian media

Follows the discovery of widespread unethical and illegal activities by News Corporation in the United Kingdom, the Australian people have concerns over these practices happening in Australia, especially given News Corporation control around 70 per cent of major Australian newspapers and significant other media interests in this country.

Only a wide ranging Inquiry into all aspects of the conduct of the media in this country will satisfy public concerns.

4. High Schools specifically for kids diagnosed with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism

I am a parent of a five year old child diagnosed with High Functioning Autism (HFA).

Since my son was diagnosed with his condition mid last year, I have learnt that increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed with HFA and Aspergers Syndrome and these kids struggle to survive in mainstream education as they get older. This is because their different learning style, social isolation, acute anxiety and various sensory sensitivities leads to many not being able to reach their full academic potential in the mainstream setting and this is a real shame because these kids are extremely intelligent.

I have been disturbed by the amount of parents I am meeting with HFA & Aspergers primary school kids of various ages, who are saying that mainstream high school will not be an option for their kids and that they plan to home school for high school.

I have also been shocked to hear from parents of HFA and Aspergers kids who have already finished high school, say how traumatised their kids are after finishing school, having withstood years and years of relentless bullying and now they struggle to function in the adult world. I think that we need to get small high schools set up in Australia specifically for students with HFA or Aspergers. At the moment in Australia there seems to be no other social schooling options other than mainstream for the kids at the higher end of the autism spectrum.

Now that there is hard evidence that these kids brains are wired differently and they have a different learning style to their neurotypical peers, educators need to consider this option. I also think it is unfair that these kids have to put up with high school bullying (as the statistics are that 90% of kids with ASD's get bullied at mainstream high schools). I know that many high schools have special ed units in them but other than learning difficulties, the playground is where the main problems are and these kids are being permanently mentally damaged by being made to withstand our system and ‘fit the mould’.

I am of the view that having a few small high schools with a modified curriculum tailoring to Aspergers and HFA in each state, could really benefit these kids and if large ASD friendly companies (such as banks, engineering, IT type firms) got on board with sponsoring kids for on the job work experience programs as part of the curriculum, it could lead to them having a real chance at succeeding at life and being less traumatised by not having to put up with neurotypical bullies.

Other countries such as the US and UK already have these types of high schools available as an option.
I find it incredible that this has not occurred here yet.
If you agree please sign this petition and it will be delivered to the Australian Federal Government.

UPDATE - 9/4/10 - For people in NSW, I have been informed that there is currently a Parliamentary Inquiry being held into the education of students with disabilities and special needs and they will still accept submissions from the public. I will be making a submission and encourage everyone else to do so as well as this will be another great way for people in NSW to get your concerns heard. The link to the inquiry details is -

Also - If there is anyone who has a child with Aspergers / HFA currently struggling through mainstream high school and you are prepared to talk to the media please contact me via the petition link below as there has been some interest.

UPDATE 2/8/10 - The link to this petition has been forwarded on to all state education departments and federal ministers. I have received some correspondence back, generally saying that they have taken note of our concerns and will keep it in mind when formatting future policies. The petition will be closed down shortly after the federal election. Thanks to all for taking the time to sign it and I hope that we do see change in the not too distant future for all our kids sakes.

5. Benazir Bhutto Assassination Inquiry by United Nations

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Freedom, Peace and Justice loving people around the globe demand United Nations to order independent investigation into the brutal assassination of Former Prime minister Benazir Bhutto’s in Pakistan.

His Excellency
Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General United Nations
UN Headquarters
First Avenue at 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

The Honorable Benazir Bhutto - twice elected Prime Minister of Pakistan, first woman ever elected head of a nation in the Muslim world and the Chairperson of Pakistan’s largest grassroots’ political party “Pakistan Peoples Party” (AKA-PPP) was mysteriously and savagely assassinated after her addressing a huge public rally in “Liaqat Park” Rawal-Pindi (Pakistan) at 4.16 p.m. on December 27, 2007 standing through the sunroof of her armored land-cruiser License No- BF-7772 waving to the cheering crowed.

Benazir Bhutto was undoubtedly a peoples' princess, she loved people and people loved her. She had a strong conviction in democracy, rule of law and supremacy of constitution. She was much larger than life and a charismatic icon loved by millions around the globe. All her life she struggled and fought for the rights of poor masses of Pakistan, for equal opportunity, social and economic justice, hope and a secure future. She was a passionate Advocate and an avid preacher of Islamic cherished values of tolerance, compassion, universal brotherhood and love.

She spoke with courage, resolve and determination against injustice, extremism, terror and fanaticism. Feudal lords, extremists and political mafia in Pakistan did not like her liberating the people from poverty and ignorance and her popularity was potential threat to the ruling party and hate mongers who took her life.

6. Inquiry into medical animal testing in the UK

Doctors and research scientists are increasingly speaking out against animal testing. All animals are different, so they feel the results from animals can't be applied to humans, and it is dangerous for human patients if we try to do so.

In 1997 Labour came to power in the UK. One of their pre-election pledges was to hold an historic investigation into the medical relevance and safety for human patients of using animal experiments.

The medical relevance of animal testing has come under more doubt since then, but they have still refused to honour the pledge.

Among the developments in that time were:

§ 83% of doctors, in an independent poll, supported the idea of an independent evaluation.

§ A 2004 paper in the British Medical Journal concluded that "the contribution of animal studies to clinical medicine requires urgent formal evaluation."

§ Scientifically evaluated cell culture tests have been discovered to be 80-85% accurate: easily more accurate than animal testing.

§ Adverse drug reactions have been estimated to be our fourth leading cause of death: killing over 10,000 people a year in the UK and costing the NHS £466 million, according to medical journal studies. All drugs contributing to this have passed tests on animals.

An Early Day Motion raised by a concerned MP requesting such an inquiry attracted the support of hundreds of MPs across the parties and was among the 1% most popular EDMs. The MP consulted with doctor's group Europeans For Medical Progress (see who actively supported the move.

If you live in the UK, your MP has until November 2006 to sign EDM92 - go to and enter your postcode to find ways of contacting him or her. It takes about 5 minutes.

See and for more reasons why we need this inquiry.

For more about why animal experiments don't work, see

Email to receive free email medical news and details of what you can do about this.

7. A Campaign for the Reform of Council Tax


June 10, 2005

We have set up an Independent Inquiry by Sir Michael Lyons to consider the detailed case for changes to the present system of local government funding, including reform of council tax to make it fairer and more sustainable.

The Inquiry will also consider options other than council tax for local authorities to raise supplementary revenue, including local income tax, reform of non-domestic rates and other possible local taxes and charges. The Inquiry is due to report by the end of the year and will make recommendations on any changes that are necessary and how to implement them.

Help with council tax bills is available to people on a low income through Council Tax Benefit (CTB). The Department for Work and Pensions is taking active measures to ensure that people are made aware of CTB and are encouraged to take up their entitlement to what is in effect a council tax rebate.

Alongside CTB for the poorest pensioners, we are helping many more elderly people with their council tax bills. We gave £100 to households with someone 70 or over for 2004/05. In 2005/06 households with someone aged 65 or over will receive £200, unless they are receiving the Pension Credit guarantee. People getting the guarantee element of Pension Credit are already entitled to a 100 per cent rebate on their council tax bills. Households with someone aged 70 or over getting the Pension Credit guarantee will receive £50 to help with living costs.

Our generous grant settlements to local Government, and considered use of our capping powers, have led to an average council tax increase in 2005/06 of 4.1 per cent - the lowest increase in more than a decade - and the second lowest ever.

David Every
June 10, 2005


The year on year inflation busting rises in Council Tax causes hardship to the many, but particularly those on low or fixed incomes. With council tax being based on property values, it takes no account of people's ability to pay.

Council Tax can take as much as 30% of the income of a person on a low income and less than 2% of the income of a high earner.

8. Bring Back Assigned Computers

To the Brazos School Of Inquiry And Creativity,

We, the undersigned, believe that the school should keep assigned computers of the student's choice. Also, we believe that the school should be ran by Dr. Robert Slater or another teacher instead of Mr. Chris Osgood. Failure to comply or possibly compromise with the students and their wishes will cause the undersigned to leave the school to seek education elsewhere.

9. Prosecute Police Misconduct


Vancouver, BC: Victim's sister wants an independent investigation into the actions of a Vancouver Police Officer who brutally beat Jeff Berg to death. She also wants a judicial inquiry into the actions of the internal investigators who reviewed the case and found no wrongdoing.

Jeff's family believes this is a case of a Vancouver Police Officer using excessive and deadly force. According to civilian eyewitness reports, he was pistol-whipped while he had his hands on the trunk of a car and feet spread apart. While he lay motionless on the ground after the gun butting, he was kicked several times in the head "soccer-ball" style, as well as kicks to the testicles and torso. His lifeless body was then dragged face down across the pavement, which is further cruel and inhumane treatment. No duty of care was offered to Jeff by any policeman as he lay in a pool of blood, which is captured on video by another eyewitness. He was later revived at the scene by paramedics, but had suffered irreversible brain damage due to delay of resuscitation when the officers failed to administer CPR. Jeff Berg died in hospital October 24, 2000 after being taken off life support.

"The internal investigation by the VPD focused more on providing an alibi for the officer, rather than investigating the homicide objectively," claims the victims sister. As of June 11, 2003, the file is being reviewed by the Police Complaint Commission.


10. Blood Services Royal Commission Needed

We, the undersigned, request a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Australia's Blood Service management. In the past, thousands of Australians have suffered serious disease, and a significant number have died due to tainted blood transfusions and blood products. Disease and death continue to occur as a result of the therapeutic use of blood. Australians affected by tainted blood products have a right to know why their blood services failed them. A Royal Commission of Inquiry will also help bring about safer blood transfusions and blood products for all Australians in the future.

11. Stop The New Reactor At Lucas Heights

For several decades the former Australian Atomic Energy Commission, now the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation has been making application to successive Commonwealth Governments for a replacement to the multipurpose reactor HIFAR at Lucas Heights.

In 1992 a public inquiry was conducted by the Commonwealth Government called the Research Reactor Review, or McKinnon Review. The Review recommended a 5-year pause on consideration of the case for a new reactor for further assessment of issues including questions on Australia's need for a new reactor.

In 1997 the current Commonwealth Government announced that a new nuclear reactor would be established at Lucas Heights pending assessment under the Environment Protection Impact of Proposals Act, 1974. An Environmental Impact Statement process was undertaken, resulting in a favourable report from the Commonwealth Minister for Health. Assessment included review of the proposal by three international peer review agencies. The Commonwealth Government confirmed its intention to proceed with the proposal in 1998. Tendering for the proposal was completed by June 2000 and the tender granted to Argentinian company INVAP. The licensing process for design and construction of the new reactor is currently under way, with approval to be granted by ARPANSA in February 2002. The new reactor, to be commissioned around 2006 will be twice the power rating of the existing reactor, which will be decommissioned at a date to be confirmed.

It is understood that a replacement reactor locational study employing international consultants was undertaken around 1996. The public and the councils were not included in this undertaking, which appears to have been performed by the Commonwealth Department of Industry Science and Tourism with advice from ANSTO. The locational study report remains a Cabinet-in-Confidence document.

A cost for the proposed reactor of $286 million has been estimated by ANSTO as part of the current development assessment process although secret government documents obtained via Freedom of Information requests made by Sutherland Shire Council have revealed that the government’s own cost estimate is around $500 million. No design for the reactor has yet been revealed, despite the international peer review stating that the safety arguments used to justify the proposal now impose specific design constraints on the reactor in order to achieve these promised safety levels.

In spite of polls, submissions, lobbying and the actions of several state governments to prohibit the development of the dumpsites which will be unavoidable with a new reactor, the Liberal Government is continuing it's blind charge towards a future contaminated with the nuclear waste produced by the proposed new reactor.

Please take this opportunity to voice your opposition to this project and to raise the call for a nuclear free future.

12. Justice for Neill Lynagh

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Neill Lynagh by security forces.

13. Justice for Paul Corr

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Paul Corr by security forces.

14. Justice for Sean Tumelty

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Sean Tumelty by security forces.

15. Justice for Patrick Callaghan

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Patrick Callaghan by security forces.

16. Justice for Brendan Kelly

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Brendan Kelly by security forces.

17. Justice for Sarah Begley

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Sarah Begley by security forces.

18. Justice for Richard Moore

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Richard Moore by security forces.

19. Justice for Dermot Gallagher

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Dermot Gallagher by security forces.

20. Justice for Emma Groves

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Emma Groves by security forces.

21. Justice for Seamus Duffy

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Seamus Duffy by security forces.

22. Justice for John Downes

Demands an inquiry into the murder of John Downes by security forces.

23. Justice for Stephen McConomy

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Stephen McConomy by security forces.

24. Justice for Peter Doherty

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Peter Doherty by security forces.

25. Justice for Peter Magennis

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Peter Magennis by security forces.

26. Justice for Nora McCabe

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Nora McCabe by security forces.

27. Justice for Henry Duffy

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Henry Duffy by security forces.

28. Justice for Julie Livingstone

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Julie Livingstone by security forces.

29. Justice for Paul Whitters

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Paul Whitters by security forces.

30. Justice for Michael Donnelly

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Michael Donnelly by security forces.