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The character of Alexis "Natasha" Davis on ABC's General Hospital has always been a strong, independent, if slightly neurotic attorney with an interesting and complex control drives that usually push her away from straight forward relationships with men. Her current storyline has been dissatifactory and and this petition supports the idea for a future and better story line of having her discover, deal with, and explore her homosexuality.

We, the below signed, would like to see the character of Alexis "Natasha" Davis, of General Hospital (an ABC Soap Opera), discover her homosexuality.

We would like to see her, a strong and professional woman, deal with the day-to-day misconceptions and ridicule of strangers, colleagues, family, and friends.

Situations, such as raising a family or fighting for her right to marry a woman, could be explored in a true-to-life and informative way.

We believe that GH, and ABC has the guts and the talent to rise to the occasion and handle the story of this smart, well-educated, and gay attorney.

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