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1. Stop Blagojevich From Closing Our State Parks!

Blagojevich Administration's pending closing of 11 state parks, including in Morris, Marseilles, Channahon and Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park at Sheffield.

The doors to the historic sites are to close Oct. 1, and the state parks gated Nov. 1.

These parks were created, bought or donated from the 1900s to 1930s. From easier use of transporting, to feeding families and providing coal for WW2. That is not even a tip of the history.

These parks are used on an everyday basis by many people in the areas and surrounding areas, even those that travel to see the history of our area.
People enjoy fishing, picnics, camping, boy/girl scouts events, festivals, reunions, partys, bird watching, breathe in all the old beautiful trees and flowers of natural beauty you cannot get anywhere else close by, canoeists-walkers-runners use these parks for access to the historic I & M canal, etc

Any entertainment that is considered affordable to our families, are these parks.

2. Expose False Child Abuse Reporting

The Hennepin County Juvenile court prosecutes so many false child Abuse cases that it is damaging families unnecessarily. I think that a class action suit should be filed against them for defamation of Character and Slander.

The courts take the word of a child mad at the time at their parent or guardian and file a report that goes to the police. Whether the police drop the case or not the Hennepin County prosecuter still gets a copy and files a suit on a dropped case. This means the innocent person then has to do some form of restitution for something that should never has been tried in the first place, and ends up with a record they don't deserve. They are faced with background checks and the inability to obtain decent jobs to provide a decent standard of lifestyle to children that are no longer angry.

The problem still remains that the child needs to get disciplined so they won't end up a menance to society but this is not taken into account when that same child that lied in the first place is stealing or vandalizing or some other horrific crime that could have been prevented before the right to discipline a child was taken away from their parent.