Petition Tag - grading

1. AJ Stanley's Grading System Petition

This petition is for a review of the student grading system which makes it easier to fail a class. This system is in my and other students' opinions a great injustice.

2. Bellefonte grading system needs to change!

Bellefonte is the only school district in centre county that goes by a different grading system making it harder for BHS graduates to get into good colleges.

3. Change Stafford CountyGrading scale to a Ten Point Grading Scale

March 22, 2006

This is a petition that has to deal with the ridiculous grading systen of the Stafford County public school system.

4. Change Central Valley School District Grading Scale

Central Valley School district's grading scale is ridiculous. The bottom of an A is a 94% rather than the traditional 90%. In the western united states, this is a challenging grade scale to top. Colleges do not consider grading scales when accepting students. Many of my friends have chosen to enlist because Colleges won't accept them due to grades that would be a whole letter higher if the scale was changed.

5. Ban grading in academia

This petition is to ban grading in colleges and universities as unconstitutional and leading to corruption.