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1. Release Tickle-Me Bender Dolls

The great television series of Futurama had four incredible seasons before being cancelled. With raised interest in the television show, four direct to dvd movies were made, with the hope that enough dvd sales would occur to warrant renewing the show for a new season.

With the last dvd released, fans happily have all four seasons on dvd, all four dvd movies, but alas something is missing. In the final movie so far, a scene showed Professor Farnsworth playing with a Tickle-Me Bender doll, a doll that many fans want.

2. Bring Back Futurama To Channel 10

July 4, 2006

In Summer 2005-06 Channel 10 brought "Futurama" to Non-Pay TV.

It went for 3-4 Months, Playing the best episodes, then, in May 2006, Channel 10 cut it, just like fox, in order to make room for the terrible "Little Britan" copy, "The Wedge".

This petition is an ask for all Futurama Fans!


3. Rezurect FUTURAMA!

August 10, 2005

They took Futurama off the air. LETS PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONGS!

SAVE FUTURAMA! Everybody remembers that show. Its at least 7x better then The Simpsons (after season 2). So WHY IN THE HELL DID FOX TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!??!

Please sign this to save this great show and maybe put it back on. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!(note: the email adress catagory below isn't for anything besides verifying you aren't signing this more then once.)

4. Save Futurama!!

Because of frakin FOX futurama was canceled in 2003. Help save this show be4 its 2 late!!

5. Have FOX bring Futurama Back on the Air waves!

Futurama was never formally cancelled, nor has any new episodes have been aired.

In the summer 2003 FOX stop airing new episodes of Futurama and eventually stopped airing the show all together.
Futurama and another animated series cancelled by FOX, Family Guy were picked up by Cartoon Network and is aired on their late night block of animated series "Adult Swim".
Both series gained a large fan base and high ratings due to Adult Swim.

Between high ratings on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and petitions from fans of Family Guy, FOX has announced that all new episode Family Guy will be brought back to FOX this fall.

If it worked for Family Guy it can definatly work for Futurama.

If you would like to see NEW episodes of Futurama on FOX, Please sign this petition. The more fans sign the better chance we have of bringing back our beloved Animated Series!

6. More Futurama episodes!

July 2004

Futurama, to me, is a hilarious show, but is not shown enough. I think that Adult Swim should show more than one episode of it!

7. Save Futurama!

Save Futurama NOW!!!!!!!

8. FOX Television Network - Please Don't Cancel Futurama!

On or about 2/12 2002, rumors of Futurama, (an animated sit-com on the FOX television network) being canceled became credible as many sources 'in the know' came forward.

9. Futurama Québécois

Nous voulons que la populaire série Futurama soit traduite en français (québécois) et diffusée à la télévision.