Futurama Fans

The great television series of Futurama had four incredible seasons before being cancelled. With raised interest in the television show, four direct to dvd movies were made, with the hope that enough dvd sales would occur to warrant renewing the show for a new season.

With the last dvd released, fans happily have all four seasons on dvd, all four dvd movies, but alas something is missing. In the final movie so far, a scene showed Professor Farnsworth playing with a Tickle-Me Bender doll, a doll that many fans want.

On Monday, February 24th, 2009, the fourth and so far last planned Futurama direct to dvd movie was released. In it, a scene revealed that Planet Express create a Tickle-Me Bender doll to help bring in profits.

We, the fans of Futurama, want such a doll of our own in real life, and we ask that it be made and sold to us.

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