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1. No to Campana/Evergreen Residential Redevelopment

~ The Campana Factory is NOT a suitable location for ANY type of residential dwelling.
~ Evergreen Real Estate Group is asking for too many variances to move this project forward.
~ The high-traffic count at the corner of Rte. 31 & Fabyan Pkwy is already a major safety concern.
~ Campana Building has a walkscore of 24 (Car dependant) With it's low walkability and dangerous location residents would have few (if any) available amenities.
~The parking entrances are also of concern with close proximity to traffic signals that back up, particularly with morning and evening traffic.
~ A school bus is not able to pick children up at this location. Evergreen has proposed buying a "van" to transport children to school, which in itself is segregation.
~ The most significant change that Evergreen would like to make to the exterior of building is adding a "row" of windows underneath the glass block along the front facade that will let some light in, however these windows do not provide much ventilation and do not open enough to allow escape during an emergency.
~ All units are to have one Entrance/Exit door and NO access to outdoor space (like a patio door.) If there were a fire, residents would have only one way out of their unit and into the common hallway.

2. Provide a Park/Playground for the areas surrounding Evergreen and Peterson

There is currently no playground or park space in the areas in and around Peterson and Evergreen Road.

We would like to request the City of Campbell River provide one.


The magnificent evergreen forest on Mt. Zlatibor is letting go under strikes of chainsaws and heavy machinery.

With pine trees taller than 15 meters and older than 70 years, stretching over 500 acres of forest land it is a predominantly influential Nature Park and self preserving ecosystem on Zlatibor.

Planted immediately upon the end of the Second World War it bore status of protected natural wealth and had become a habitat to numerous animal and plant species.

Today it's a host to a large number of families of squirrels and rabbits, also turtles, moles, hedgehogs, ant colonies, lizard dens and various birds such are robins, woodpeckers, ouzels, owls, wild pigeons, magpies, etc.

Abusing state's law regulations on environmental protection and disregarding obligatory acts of Aarhus Convention the local authorities issued The General Plan according to which the Nature Park is turned into zone of tourism and high commerce.

WARNING: The Nature Park is undergoing heavy deforestation and soil devastation by local Zlatibor authorities and Serbian Orthodox Church. Biodiversity is threatened with extinction as workers and machinery plow through in preparation to build communication and drainage network.

IMPORTANT: Please pay attention to the 5 min documentary below.

More info at:
Nature Park - Geo Location
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4. Bring the Traditional Learning Centre to Evergreen Elementary

Parents in communities in the south of Calgary are active supporters of the Traditional Learning Centre (TLC) programme within the Calgary Board of Education. At the moment, there are no elementary or junior high schools in the area that offer the TLC programme, so children are currently packed onto school buses for a round trip that lasts two hours or more.

A new elementary school is being built in the community of Evergreen, which is within walking distance for a lot of the communities currently bussing kids to the designated TLC school. We believe that it makes much more sense, socially, environmentally, and financially, to allow children to attend a TLC school within their community. We believe that a good school is at the heart of a strong community, and we would like the Calgary Board of Education to designate the new Evergreen Elementary and Bridlewood Junior High Schools as TLC schools.

The majority of students in the TLC program at Le Roi Daniels and Fairview Schools come from the southern communities of Calgary, by redesignating the Evergreen and Bridlewood schools as TLC schools, we allow our children to attend the school programme of their choice without compelling them to spend 10 hours a week on a bus.

5. Evergreen Estate ADSL

When Telstra wired our estate they used a type of pair gain system called a RIM. Basically our phonelines are copper wire to the RIM and then fibre optic cable from the RIM to the Cardiff Telephone Exchange. While this kept Telstra costs down it also denied Evergreen Estate residents the opportunity to connect to the internet via ADSL.

Please sign the petition and visit the Telstra ADSL Demand Register to let Telstra know you want our telecommunications network to support ADSL. In registering your interest in ADSL you are under no obligation to sign up for ADSL.

You can register your interest here:

6. Post Delivery for the residents of Woodridge and Evergreen drives in Steep Falls Maine.

We, the undersigned, are moving to change the post delivery system for the residents of Woodridge and Evergreen drives in Steep Falls Maine.

7. Pine Valley to become District Residents of Evergreen, CO

Becky Brown suggested that Pine Valley residents should be considered district residents, and be charged accordingly at the Evergreen, CO Recreation Centers. She asked me to create and circulate a petition and bring to a board meeting.

8. Save the Holly Park Trees of San Francisco

3 beautiful evergreen trees are set to be roved by November 30th 2003 in order to accomodate reconstruction on the tennis courts at Holly Park. These little used courts must not be favored over preserving the Naturral History of San Francisco. Join us in asking the San Fracnsico Parks and Recreation Department to devise a plan where removing these trees is not included.

9. Street blocking gives Evergreen a bad name

For the past two years, the MAC has blocked streets in Olympia.

We the undersigned students, faculty, staff and alumni of Evergreen State College, recognize that the Mayday street party is offensive to many people in the Olympia community and is ineffective as a tool for political change. Furthermore, we pledge not to participate unless the event is coordinated with the city of Olympia.

10. Mayday gives Evergeen State College a bad rap

Mayday gives Evergeen State College a bad rap, so we want to prove that Evergreen does not support Mayday