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The goal is to end homework in Hopewell, Virginia and give those evening hours back to families to learn other critical areas of life as well as to develop stronger family bonds. It's no secret that research concludes school children from K-12 are getting more than their fair share of after school assignments stressing out children and their parents. A few causes of concern, according to Levy, due to homework are "headaches, upset stomach, migraines ( all stress related symptoms), lack of life balance, physical health issues, and alienation from peers/society." We want our children to learn to the best of their ability but studies show that too much homework can actually work against your child's testing ability and grades instead of for them (Wallace).
Our children should be spending time with us, not arguing over homework that has proven to be of little or no difference when it comes to grades. The benefits of NOT doing homework massively eclipses the pros of doing after school work. Less child/family stress, more time to invest in other areas of development not offered at school, more teaching time for basic life skills, less arguing, happier demeanor overall, more time to talk with your child to build positive outlooks for school, etc. Included are references and links if you would like a more indepth look into the research.
Please, if you agree with the research and your personal view is in accordance sign this petition. The faster we reach our goal the faster we can take back time with our kids! This petition will be presented to the Hopewell, Virginia School Board on its last meeting of October 2017 if it has reached its goal of 500 signatures by October 15th, 2017

Levy, S. (2017, April). Is Too Much Homework Bad for Kids' Health?
Wallace, K. (2015).

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2. Ban Plastic Bags in La Jolla!

Help raise awareness of plastic and how it effects our environment!

Los Angeles County has been the first county in California to ban plastic bags, so why can't San Diego or specifically La Jolla?

We live in such a BEAUTIFUL beach community and it's sad to see our local markets using plastic bags!

Help the oceans and ban plastic bags!

3. Do Not Cut OC Transpo Bus routes

As everyone has heard OCTranspo has introduced new measures to cut and or merge 100 bus routes and provide less frequent bus service to Ottawans. As a frequent OC Transpo user I find the current bus system already unreliable, with these new measures set to be implemented in the fall, OC Transpo will be even more unreliable.

With this petition I hope to present to the City of Ottawa and the OC Transpo board of Executive members, we the riders of OC Transpo will stop proposed plans to cut and merge already existing routes.

4. NOEWAIT: National Organization to End the Waitlists

The National Organization to End the Waitlist (NOEWAIT) has a petition directed to the President and Members of Congress:

"Health Care Reform Must Eliminate Waitlists and Allow for the Continuation/Portability of Services Across State Lines"

NOEWAIT is a grass-roots, national, social justice movement organized to ensure full opportunity, choices, freedom, and self-determination for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in every community by eliminating wait lists for services in every state. This will be accomplished through public education, mobilizing people into action, and changing public policy.

Across the nation, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities wait years for services and supports and can not move freely from state to state or community to community.

There must be adequate funding for lifetime services and supports needed by our most vulnerable family
members, without gaps or delays.

Funding must be available in all states, portable across and within states and promote self-determination
for the individual with the disability, their families and legal guardians.

To unite the efforts of families, providers, government agencies, advocacy groups and citizens to change laws and policies across the country and eliminate waiting lists for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

5. One Vote America for Standardized U.S. Elections

We the Undersigned Being Citizens and U.S. Registered Voters. Do herein request by this Petition. By Lawful right. Do Call upon The President, The U.S. Senate, The U. S. Congress. All State Governors and all Elected State Officials and Legislators. To begin immediately to work to Revise and Standardize The U.S. Election Process. Into a transparent simple document-able Tamper Resistant Process. Where every U. S. Citizens Right to vote and their Precious Vote is Protected and Accountable. Under all applicable U.S. Territorial and Constitutional Laws. The purpose being to eliminate and diminish massive election and voter fraud.

6. Eliminate the congestion charge in Manchester

I am petitioning against the congestion charges in manchester, this is ridiculous as the price of petrol and diesel is already climbing and the cost of living has increased unfortunately our wages have not increased to pay for these stupid charges.

This is also ridiculous for the people whom live within the Manchester area.

Stop Congestion Charges!!

7. Save Cal Grants

Cal Grants are awarded to older, low-income and higher acheiving students who are returning to school.

The new budget proposals are trying to cut out the Cal grants.

8. Eliminate Animal Cosmetics Testing

Please sign this petition, this is for the rights of animals to stop animal cosmetics testing because many animals die every day/year, and I want to stop it.

9. Help Eliminate Math Requirement

Clearly all teachers need to be proficient in English. But why math? Why ONLY math? Who besides mathematicians use algebra or geometry in their professions or in their daily lives? Who uses them to such a degree that proficiency in those subjects would be necessary to teach any other subject?

Demonstrating a basic knowledge of math doesn't prove competency in a non-math field. It doesn't indicate a lack of intelligence or teaching competency.

If the goal is truly well-rounded teachers, why aren't teachers required to demonstrate proficiency in literature, music, art, theater arts, psychology, philosophy, history, biology, sociology, geography, physics, film, environmental studies, current events, anthropology, computer programming, or any other field studied in college or taught in public schools?

Why is math privileged?

Many people hate math. Why are potential teachers forced to learn what for them is an irrelevant, boring subject when there are many other subjects that would be of more interest and value to them and to their students? Why not give potential teachers a choice of subjects to be tested on to indicate well-roundedness? Why not ask them to show proficiency in several subjects instead of just one - math?

If well-roundedness is truly the goal, teachers should have to show knowledge proficiency in several subjects, not just English (which obviously we all need) and math (which only a small minority actually NEED). Teachers should be free to choose which subjects they're tested on.

10. Stop The Arrest and Incarceration of Skateboarders

This petition is to eliminate the restriction of skateboarding in a public area that is not "designated". I was recently arrested for skateboarding in the parking lot of a local mall. As a result, this weekend I must do community service.

I recognize this as an injustice, as it is my right as an american to skate where I please as long as it does not infringe upon anyone else's rights.

11. Eliminate the rodent problems at CMHA Estate

Director Phillips:

Apthorp Towers rodents problem is terrible.

Apthorp Towers Residents are asking you to return the Wise Brother Exterminator to CMHA. There were no rodent problem when the Wise Brothers were exterminating the CMHA estates.

12. Eliminate the "Static Slide"

June 24, 2006

In many video games I, and presumably others have noticed a glaring mistake in the coding. This has been most evident in Myst: Uru, because it is the game I play the most.

My problem with the exploration in this game is simple, elimate the static slide that we experience when we run against a wall.

It's not realistic, logical, or possible and it detracts from the amazing graphics, music, and overall feel of the game.

13. Keep Alan Lewis at URI/ASFCCE

The powers that be have decided to eliminate the position of a much needed staff member. The ramifications of such a move have the potential to seriously impair the functioning of our institution.

This decision not only affects the staff of URI/ASFCCE personally but professionally. Mr. Lewis plays a vital role in maintaining productivity at URI/ASFCCE. He is essentially a lifeline to the majority of employees in this building. On a daily basis, he is called upon for assistance with a myriad information technology concerns, questions, and crises.

He is currently one of two members of the IT department that work here on a full-time basis. With all the problems (viruses, software issues, etc.) that arise through our reliance upon technology, one person alone cannot be expected to bear the burden of such things alone. In this day and age, productivity depends on technology.

The reality of a modern workplace is that operations come to a grinding to a halt when access to technology is somehow unavailable. The repercussions of eliminating Mr. Lewis as a full-time employee are sure to be felt by not only those on the Providence campus, but the entire URI community.

14. Eliminate Odor at Bryant Middle School

A foul smelling odor has been present the entire 2004/5 school year at Bryant Middle School. The odor is more prevalent in the 6th grade area of the building. The odor gets into the students hair, skin, and clothing.

Attempts by the School District to date have not found the cause of the odor or eliminated the odor.

The Dearborn School District should immediately undertake the following actions:

- perform comprehensive air quality testing
- adhere to a rigorous schedule to determine the source of the odor
- take action to eliminate the odor and its source prior to the start of the 2005/06 school year

at Bryant Middle School to ensure the health, safety, and comfort of the children and staff.

15. During Election Years, the Celebration of Washington's Birthday Should be Moved to Election Day

Voter turnout in the United States of America has long been in decline, and its time that there was a change. We, the world's leading democracy, have one of the lowest voter participation rates in the world. This is what ultimately led to the formation of the bipartisan National Commission on Federal Election Reform headed by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. Therefore, the need for reform is there and the creation of a Federal Election Day holiday is a viable solution.

A survey completed by the U.S. Census Bureau after the 2000 election found that of those who did not vote, a conflict with work or school was listed as the number one culprit. By moving the celebration of Washington's Birthday to Election Day, we can eliminate the usage of a schedule conflict as a possible excuse.

We, as a nation, will be able to celebrate a right made possible by Washington and his successors and honor them in the process.

16. Petition to eliminate PORN BOTS from Yahoo Chat

I'm sure you all have gotten those annoying messages from BOTS trying to get you to visit their porn sites. And I am VERY sure you along with myself find it extremely annoying to be trying to have a conversation with your friends or family to have it abruptly interrupted by a nasty ad such as "lisahot_weebcomsex87: cum watch me play with my ***** http://sdlhSexxxy.html"

YAHOO obviously has not done anything about this and it seems that the PORN BOT problem is gradually getting worse. I myself timed the breaks between porn ads and the average time was around 7 seconds (depending on room).

Therefore I have decided to start a petition to tell YAHOO that something needs to be done NOW about all of the porn bots flooding the chat rooms. Whether it be a new registration that would make it extremely difficult to make dummy accounts that are used to create these bothersome bots. Or have it to where there would have to be some kind of email conformation in order to create a new user ID.

Never the less, I r_a_v_e_n_859 ask everyone that has ever been annoyed with these bots to sign this peition and tell YAHOO in voice that were sick of this and want action to be taken to remove the graphic ads made by these bots plauging out chat areas.