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1. United Sierra Leoneans Against Corruption

We want all right minded Sierra Leoneans to join forces together to fight the government of Sierra Leone to do the right thing.

We want a place we can refer to as HOME with 100% freedom.

We should not allow a group of people using the plight of our beloved country to enrich themselves.

Enough is enough and this is it.

2. To All African Union Member States: Step-Up Support for Ebola Response

The Ebola Virus disease outbreak in West Africa is the largest and most complex Ebola outbreak since the Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976, the disease is wiping out whole villages in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia causing many more deaths and infecting tens of thousands.

This unprecedented crisis has created an overwhelming demand across the health care sectors of the most affected countries thus necessitating collective efforts from all African Union Member States to step up their support to the affected West African Countries to enable a quick and effective response and save many critically appealing lives.

3. Troops for Defense Only, Not for fighting Ebola

During the past several months, exposure to Ebola hemorrhagic fever in several nations has increased to startling levels. It is reasonable to believe that if this virus is not properly contained, it can spread to epidemic proportions. The Administration and the CDC, has refused to protect American citizens from the spread of this disease by not banning travel from these nations, as other responsible nations have done.

As a result, there have been several confirmed cases of Ebola that have been brought here and it appears that it may be spreading from state to state. As of the preparation date of this petition, the Administration has still refused to impose a travel ban from these highly infected nations, which would be a reasonable and responsible action. This is unconscionable and is imperiling every person in this country as it is certain that no one really knows or understands the means and methods of transferring the contagion from one person to another.

Now, inexplicably the Administration has announced it will be sending our troops to the most contagious and dangerous areas to “fight” the Ebola crisis. These troops have not been trained, do not have a medical background, and have been questionably equipped to successfully conduct a mission that at the time of this writing remains unstated.

Since their mission has not be declared - either to the public or to Congress, it is assumed that they will serve as policemen, border guards and quarantine enforcers - positions that are currently employed by the governments in those regions. The Administration’s actions is irresponsibly putting the lives our young men and women in jeopardy. In the event they contract this deadly disease, their loved ones will never see them again; in the event that they return home with the disease, the lives of their families and for that matter the entire country, will suffer as a result of this madness.. This is just not acceptable.

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Part I: This petition demands that Mr. Obama rescind his order to have American soldiers be sent to Ebola plagued regions. Those nations have the responsibility to prevent this virulent disease from spreading. America can help with funding and equipment, but not by unnecessarily endangering our servicemen who have nobly pledged their lives to protecting this nation. It would be unconscionable for us to sit back and allow these selfless patriots to be placed recklessly in endangerment - not even with so much as a mission statement, questionable protective gear, and proper medical training.

Part II: This petition also demands that flights to and from the infected nations be suspended immediately.

Part III: This petition demands that if Parts I and II are not implemented, the Congress of the United States must defund any transfer of American military personnel to Ebola infected regions for the purpose of Ebola containment.

4. Establish an Ebola Indemnity Fund

Ebola has killed over 4700 citizens in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea as one one Liberian citizen in the United States. The present Ebola outbreak has been cited by the WHO as the worse in modern times. About 9,900 people are said be infected and unless contained will infect more people.

So far the USA, Mali and Spain have reported cases. A number of companies are producing vaccine but the effectiveness of these vaccine will have be tested by trials made on current infected people in Africa. There is very little information on the long term side effects of the vaccines even if clinical trials succeed and the servals rates diminished. To research and produce the vaccine, GlaxoSmithKline PLC awarded USD 1 million. Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation of Canada has received USD 140 million from the US Department of Defense to work with US Army Medical research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

UK's Welcome Trust has awarded USD 5.15 million grant to Oxford University on the Ebola vaccine research. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awareded USD 50 million. Other institutions involved in the vaccine research are Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc, Chimeria Inc, Public Health Agency of Canada, New Link Genetics Corp, Okairos Unit of Glaxo and the Caliber Biotherapeutics based in Taxes. In the absence of the infected people in West Africa, this research will not have a market or outlet other than the primates in the Congo Forest.

Two issues are involved here. First the production of the vaccine should be transparent and approached used be publicly reported. The second is that since the long and short term effects of these vaccines are unknown, the patients who received the vaccine should be indemnified. So far seven people have received an Ebola vaccine generated from GMO Tobacco leaves, two have since died.

5. Stop Ebola from coming to Maryland

A source tells NBC Nina Pham's the 1st nurse who caught Ebola will transfer to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland could occur Thursday. I want to stop the transfer of Ebola to the DMV area. Sign and tell our elected officials no !!!

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6. STOP Ebola from Entering America

The largest ever Ebola outbreak is underway in several countries in West Africa. The epidemic continues to grow and spread into new areas, threatening more lives and potentially the economies of affected countries.

Last spring, most people would have guessed that this Ebola outbreak in West Africa would be over by the end of summer. Yet, nine months on, we're in the midst of the deadliest outbreak in history, and one that has defied the odds: it has lasted longer, killed more, and spread further than any previous outbreak.

For the first time ever, Ebola cases have been diagnosed outside of Africa in the US.

Right now, many are worried about it spreading in side of America.

7. Stop the Spread of Ebola in the United States

The recent casual and occupational exposures to ebola hemmorrhagic fever in the United States and elsewhere, dramatically underscores the immediate need for the highest standards of biocontainment to be put into effect.

Ebola is a deadly biosafety level 4 (BSL-4) pathogen, requiring, at a minimum, hospital engineering and operational controls that involve strict facility guidelines, a well-trained staff, reporting procedures for accidental exposure, initial evaluation and triage of potential high-risk patients, along with isolation and containment of the disease. Additionally, exposure and control should extend to first-responders such EMTs, life-flight and ambulance drivers, police and fire fighters.

Risk assessments, disease surveillance tools and local education programs should be in place. Rat and rodent populations should be looked at as a possible source of disease entry and potential hosts as the pathogen is zoonotic. Recent events such as contaminated vomit left outside an apartment building where a known ebola patient was residing is a prime example of how rodents could be exposed to the pathogen.

As 75% of emerging diseases are zoonotic, it is imperative that United States health officials take heroic steps now to recognize that the world has become a much more complicated environment for man, animals and insects. 

Federal and state governments with the most experience in biosurety should develop the protocols used by all citizens.

8. Stop passenger flights to and from Ebola countries

With the current outbreak of Ebola, we as Canadians have the right to be protected form cases of ebola that could enter the country by flights to and from the affected countries.

9. Ebola: Stop the Quarantine of Entire African Countries

As the Ebola Virus disease keeps spreading, many governments have started adopting strict measures to avoid contagion. Those measures very often included air and sea restrictions and border closures with countries where the virus has been identified.

This situation creates a de facto quarantine of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia against the recommendations of the World health Organizations (WHO) and many humanitarian groups (including the International Federation of Red Cross & Medecins Sans Frontieres) at the frontline of the battle to defeat the EVD.

In many instances, the WHO has repeated not recommending travel or trade restrictions for the affected countries and has called for lifting the embargo. But it is not being heard.

10. More Public Toilets for the District of Columbia

With Ebola entering the US, it is even more urgent to have public restrooms for handwashing and sanitary urination, defecation, and removal of tampons.

The CDC says handwashing is the best way to prevent spread of many diseases, including norovirus, flu, colds, TB, hepatitis A, SARS, MERS, and ebola. All of these diseases can be spread by "casual" contact such as coughing and sneezing. Homeless people, tourists, and people with lots of kids can't always afford to go to a restaurant to use the bathroom.

Cleanliness should not only be for rich people!

There are only a couple public toilets in our nation's capital, and in East LA and East Las Vegas most fast-food restaurants and convenience stores have closed their restrooms even to paying customers!

11. Stop Ebola Now - Wake Up Australia


The worlds' most volatile disease is a global emergency and is not confined to African nations. This is no joke.

•The Spanish Flu killed 100 million people and had a fatality rate of 2.5%
•This nasty virus kills 25-90% infected and killed 52 humans in 2 days
•Ebola has a 2-21 day incubation period so people are like bombs; unaware they're contagious until it's too late so checking people's temperature at airports is useless
•Every Ebola patient passes the virus onto 2.5 others
•Many affected countries have run out of living doctors to fight the outbreak
•Hospitals and pharmacies closed on Tuesday 12th August as Sierra Leoneans panic
•If this epidemic remains "OUT OF CONTROL" in 2-3 months time 50,000 people will have the worlds' most gruesome virus and in 6 months,


We need to get our government to help those who can't help themselves.
This is an emergency. Liberia and Sierra Leone are some of the world's poorest countries due to war, normally without a crisis people fight for survival. Now their governments have stopped people from leaving their homes for 3-4 weeks WITHOUT GIVING THEM FOOD!! WHERE ARE YOU, MR. ABBOTT? We pay our taxes and are Australian citizens and you're allowing our family to suffer like this during an International Emergency. Keep in mind that there's hundreds of thousands of Africans here.

Sierra Leoneans from Sydney told me this catastrophy is worse than the 10 year "Blood Diamond" war because they said "You could tell where the rebels were and avoided them. With Ebola, a family member or local GP could kill them." That's if they have any relatives left after the brutal war or can afford a GP at all due to the aftermath. Many West African Australians have lost several family members due to Ebola and are worried about their families back home, suffering from stress, fear and high blood pressure. Now family members are going hungry adding to the pressure.

WE MUST STAND UP AND TAKE ACTION and be the voice for those in West Africa.
Our government is silent, sitting idle while Australian citizens' family members are dying. Let's be honest, if their relatives were English, our government would support them fully. I am disappointed in our government for displaying racism in this manner. Instead, we're searching for dead body parts of Australians from plane crashes and diverting attention away from the fact that this plague like virus is killing innocent people and it's an insult to remain silent. How dare we make other Australians feel like second class citizens- shame on us! How dare we discriminate. Inaction speaks louder than words. These people have gone through unfathomable situations and what, because they have African roots we brush our hands? Ebola is in Australia- scientists are studying it here but where are we helping the innocent people isolated in West Africa in the midst of this!!!!

We seem to be very focused on ourselves. The Chinese government gave medical supplies, the US and UK did too. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!! Please send emergency food drops to Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. These are INNOCENT PEOPLE and IF OUR AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT DOES NOTHING, BLOOD IS OR THEIR HANDS!

With your signature, we will save the lives of MANY WITHOUT A VOICE.

12. Remove Illegal Tomb In Our Community

Alaworo Estate is a community along Badagry Lagos State. It is occupied by every type of Nigeria citizen and ethnicity, with a population of about 500,000 peoples living in the community.

13. Suspend air flights from all the Ebola hit countries

14. Ban non-essential travel to the U.S. originating from West African countries

I am officially starting a petition to ban all non-essential flights originating from select West African countries.

It's bad enough that they brought this disease through our backyard in Cobb county in a "controlled" way but now there may be a person infected with Ebola in our most populated city. #BarakObama #Nathandeal #NGA #dosomething

"A patient went to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan on Sunday with symptoms consistent with Ebola." Credit Tina Fineberg for The New York Times

15. Stop sick travellers from travelling

I am again sick after travelling to the U.S. and Canada. People who are ill/and or sick should not have access to airport terminals. Each time I travel I get sick be it a cold, flu or even H1n1.

I miss days at work because of other sick people traveling. Let us put a stop to sick people travelling on commercial transit.

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