World Health Organization, Presidents of all operating airlines companies in the region



Dear World Health Organization,

We hope, there is no need to explain you what an irresponsible decision you have made on the 8th of August by stating that "there would be no general ban on international travel or trade".

The measurement you have instructed are clearly not sufficient for preventing the spread of the virus abroad.

We hope, there is no need to explain that checking people's temperature and asking a couple of questions are NOT reliable ways of filtering passengers as these methods can be very easily tricked.

We hope, there is no need to explain to you - to the experts - that the incubation time of the deadly virus can be even 21 days, so any carrier of the disease can travel without fever and without showing any symptoms then can spread the virus easily anywhere.

We hope that there is no need to explain what a huge danger we are in; we all human beings of the planet.

The risk is huge, bigger than ever and we do not want to live in fear in the streets of our home countries in Europe, in the US, in Asia or anywhere on this planet.

The whole world is in panic, people are terrified by one of the world's most dangerous and deadly virus outbreak from modern times. The fear is growing and the only way to stop it, keep the world calm and healthy is to ban travel to and from all the affected countries.

Such a decision shall not be undermined by financial speculations and shall not consider the eventual loss of some airline companies who are that greedy that they are able to jeopardize the health and the future of all humans and subordinating it to purely money-driven operations.

The reliable airline companies have already suspended their traffic, why did not AirFrance, Brussels Airlines, Royal Air Morocco (and so on) still continues operating in the danger zone by bringing people to other countries?

We cannot just sit back simply conforting ourselves that the tragedy is not here yet, not right next to us and waiting for the worst to happen, not even trying to prevent it.

We have to be quick, any day can be too late.

People who care

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