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1. Get 500 Years Later and Motherland documentary on SABC

500 Years Later for 4 years has been stuck with SABC in the negotiation process. They are trying to ignore this powerful multi-award winning documentary which deals with the legacy of slavery and oppression in Africa and the Diaspora. Even if you don't live in Africa be part of Pan-African change by demanding our Motherland is representative of the majority interest.

South Africa a highly racialized society which is plagued with the legacy of apartheid, which was an assault on the human dignity of African people. That trauma is identical to that suffered by the African Diaspora. Despite South Africa's claims at creating a new South Africa for all, the media remains largely distant from content that empowers the African majority. It white wash issues of race and self-determination leaving the people with deep internalize feelings of self-hatred and self-ignorance.

The sequel to 500 Years Later is Motherland which deals with the most concise story of Africa. Despite even having in the South African president all attempts to license this film to the national broadcaster are ignored.

MOTHERLAND - A film by Owen Alik Shahadah from Halaqah Films on Vimeo.