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1. Abolish Illegally Enacted Language Laws of Quebec, Canada Immediately

This is an online petition that DEMANDS Canada's elected representatives - Honor and Obey their sworn Oath and responsibility to 'Serve and Protect The People of Canada': and 'First and Foremost: To Protect the rights and freedoms - of ALL Canadians.

Under no circumstances may any elected official - ignore - violate or abuse their powers. Endorsing criminal discriminatory and abusive, language laws, in Our Canadian Province of Quebeck, grossly violates and make a mockery, of Canada's Statutes Of Law Making Regulations, our Members of Parliament 'have sworn and are legally bound to uphold.

The Statutes clearly state, "...that any law, bill amendment introduced (including language rights) that diminishes the rights (in any way) of the people of Canada -or- segment of the population: "Shall be deemed NULL & VOID" and any elected representative introducing them "Shall be immediately removed from their position.. and/or face criminal prosecution."

The Ethnic Cleansing of Quebec's English Population - MUST End Now.

2. !!Denounce the "Mexican Heritage" Plaza for having invited the MinuteKlan into the Barrio!!

A La Mesa Directiva de la Plaza de la "Herencia Mexicana," al Concilio de la Ciudad de San José, y a otros que les corresponda:

El día primero de Septiembre, un pequeño grupo improvisado de representantes de varias organizaciones se reunieron con Marcela Davison Aviles, directora ejecutiva de la Plaza, al darse cuenta de que se planeaba tener al fundador del grupo "cazamigrantes" Minutemen, en un panel de discusión con el presidente del partido demócrata Art Torres en el 16 de Septiembre, día de "independencia" de México.

Después de muchas voces de grave preocupación, el foro fue al final movido al Commonwealth Club en San Francisco. En respuesta a nuestra preocupación, Aviles astutamente concedió una entrevista al periódico de habla ingles, Mercury News, quejándose que había sido intimidada para que cancelara el foro con amenazas de violencia mientras ella esquivaba a Celina Rodríguez, una reportera de habla español. Corto tiempo después el Commonwealth Club pospuso el foro solamente para anunciar recientemente que la Plaza resumiria su plan para tener el foro otra vez en Noviembre. Varios miembros de "Save Our State" (Salva Nuestro Estado -- una pandilla de minutemensos, nazis del la organización "Stormfront," así como aliados que han llevado acabo varias protestas en el sur de Califaztlan) han agitado la idea de atender el foro con o sin Simcox como resultado de su caprichosa publicidad.

Tal costumbre de repugnante negligencia y falta de respeto para nuestra gente no puede quedar inadvertido. Esta no es la primera vez que la señora Aviles ha ejercido tal conducta - en una forma conspirada ella paró un circulo sagrado de danza mitotiliztli para evitar que llevaran acabo su ceremonia semanal. Acaso ella ejecutaría las mismas tácticas si esta hubiera sido una misa Católica?

En espíritu de aquellos que luchan por llegar aquí - vivos o muertos - le decimos a la Plaza de la "Herencia Mexicana" y al concilio de la ciudad de San José: ¡YA BASTA!

Denunciamos enérgicamente a la supuesta "Plaza De La Herencia Mexicana" por estar agrediendo a la comunidad Mexicana al abrir sus puertas a los "cazamigrantes" Minutemen.


Tal personas como Aviles no están en ninguna posicion para ser vocero del pueblo, y mucho menos de la "herencia Mexicana."

¡Que Aviles renuncie su puesto ahora!

!!Tlazohkamati y Mexihcah Tiahui!!

(Para mas información, visite la pagina; aquellos que van a llenar la petición -- sus datos personales permanecerían fuera de vista pública.)


On September 1, a small ad-hoc group representing various organizations met with Marcela Davison Aviles, executive director of the "Mexican Heritage" Plaza, upon learning that a plan was in the works to have Minuteman founder, Chris Simcox, engage in an on-site panel discussion with Democratic Party chairman Art Torres on the 16th of September, Mexican "Independence" Day. After much voicing of grave concern, the forum was ultimately moved to the Commonwealth Club venue in San Francisco.

In response to our concerns, Aviles craftily granted an interview to the English-language Mercury News claiming she had been bullied into canceling the forum with threats of violence, while she dodged a Spanish-language reporter. Shortly thereafter, the Commonwealth Club postponed the forum only to announce recently that the Plaza will resume their plan to host the forum again in November. Several members of Save Our State (an active gang of MinuteKlansmen, Stormfront nazis and allies alike who have carried out several protests in Southern Califaztlan) have churned the idea of attending the forum with or with Simcox, as a result of her capricious publicity.

Such a pattern of gross negligence and disrespect for our people must not remain unaccounted for, as this is NOT the first time she has exhibited such behavior. In a conspired fashion, she stopped a sacred Mexihca mitotiliztli circle last year from carrying out their weekly ceremony. Would she have executed the same divide and conquer tactics had this been a Catholic mass?

In the spirit of those in struggle to make it here - dead or alive - we say to the MHP board and the San Jose City Council: enough is enough!

We firmly denounce the "Mexican Heritage" Plaza for having aggressed the Mexican@ community upon opening its doors to the MinuteKlan!


The likes of Aviles do not represent our "Mexican Heritage" and therefore are in no position to speak on our behalf. Aviles must resign now!

(Visit for more information; those signing the petition need not to fear, your (private) information will remain out of public view.)

3. Call for the Denouncement of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact

Consiliul Mondial Roman cere anularea acestui pact, fiind necesara in conditiile noii ere democratice europene, nerecunoasterea si necondamnarea acestui pact este inca actuala si afecteaza in continuare cu influente tutelare, natiunile mai mici.

These days, when many are celebrating the 60 years passed since the victory over fascist Germany, the inhabitants of Eastern Europe cannot help but remember the year just before the starting of WWII. At that time, as a consequence of Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, signed by the fascist Germany and Stalinist USSR, entire countries or territories belonging to East European countries have been occupied by force by the Soviet Red Army, and incorporated in USSR. Thus, the Baltic Countries and Eastern Polish Provinces, but also Bessarabia, Bukovina and Hertza Region, all former Romanian provinces which have been included in USSR, have disappeared . The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact, based on its provisions, also facilitated the starting of the German's aggression against Europe. The pact offered free hand to Germany to attack Western Europe, and a free hand to Stalin in Eastern Europe.

The Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact has violated all international laws as well as the sovereignty of all European Countries. In spite of this, the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact has not yet been denounced nor annulled by Germany and Russia . Therefore, the celebration of these days means a victory over fascism and recognition of those who suffered but cannot be considered complete until the denouncement and annulment of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact.

That is why we, members of the Romanian World Council, Inc., are asking for a united effort to resolve the injustice created by this Pact that caused countless loss of lives, tremendous sufferings and destructions.

Romania, like all other countries of Europe, wants to live in peace with her neighbors, developing a spirit of friendship, cooperation, and good will.

We are asking the leaders of Germany, Russia and Ukraine to denounce and recognize the annulment of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact as a small compensation for the injustice that Romania has had to live for 66 years.

We ask all Europeans to join us in our efforts to eliminate one of the last tragic and painful events in the history of Europe.

Romanian World Council, Inc. / Consiliului Mondial Roman

Biroul Director/ The Board of Directors
Atlanta, Georgia , The United States of America.

4. Denounce US war in IRAQ

The US Government doesn't HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL CIVILIANS IN IRAQ. George Bush is really most dangerous, more than Saddam Hussein. The United States of America has more missiles than Iraq. The USA has killed 4500 children in IRAQ AND NOBODY KNOWS THAT. THE WAR IS FOR CRAZY HUMANS and PEACE is for INTELLIGENT PEOPLE. OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICAINS, because you are victims of PROPAGANDA more effective than ever in history. CNN IS really not a good source to inform yourself because the Whitehouse have their hands in this tv channel.

5. Denounce Anti-Abortion Violence

An abomination to all who are truly Pro-Life, The Nuremberg Files are back online again. Those who truly uphold all life must publicly denounce any person/s associated with this website, and any who hold the same beliefs.