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Dear Friends of a Free Media,

Well, if not free, at least allowing all opinions to be heard in a presidential race.

The impetus for this movement was the exclusion of candidates from the recent MSNBC debate in Nevada. MSNBC, owned by GE, used its legal muscle to overturn a judge's order to INCLUDE all the candidates. What's pathetic is that there even was an order in the first place.

The AIR WAVES, for those who remember the distant past, are supposed to be owned by the public. The corporations who run the television networks have definitely FORGOTTEN that and allege that as "private entities" they have the right to limit the voices and viewpoints you hear on these air waves.

Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles disagrees and unanimously passed this resolution which requests our Democratic National Party to REQUIRE the inclusion of all candidates in nationally televised debates. However, this issue transcends the present presidential campaign and needs to be in place for ALL FUTURE DEBATES. Because we are a Democratic club, we are directing this to our own party. It had been noted that this should apply to the Republican party also, but that is not included in this resolution, and it was observed that the blatant exclusions have not occurred with their candidates this election cycle.

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Resolution in favor of ALL CANDIDATES of the major parties being included in nationally broadcast debates

Whereas the democracy of our country is dependent on the free and open exchange of ideas and information,

And, whereas the media conglomerates and corporate interests, driven by shareholder profits, are using the public air waves to limit access and monopolize the broadcasting commons,

And whereas these media conglomerates and corporate interests are undermining the public interest to be fully informed about critical issues, thus declaring themselves to be private entities who can limit debate through arbitrarily set conditions for participation ,

Be it resolved that Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles shall support this resolution to request that the Democratic National Committee REQUIRE that the broadcasting networks who use the public air waves include all presidential candidates in all nationally televised debates.

120 co-sponsors listed on pdla.org website and the Undersigned

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