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1. Give Darts Legend Phil Taylor a Knighthood

Give Phil Taylor a knighthood

1. 16 time world champion;

2. Been the face and the best player in darts for over 25 years;

3. Just under a decade of being world number one;

4. Over 100 major titles worldwide;

5. Best player in darts that has ever been and that will ever be.

Please sign the petition to give Phil the knighthood he deserves.

2. Bring Back Bullseye!

Bring Back Bullseye!

Please sign our online petition if you would like to see 'Bullseye' back on terrestrial UK television in a prime time slot!

First aired in 1981 'Bullseye' at it's peak attracted 19.8 Million viewers in it's weekly Sunday slot on ITV.

'Bullseye' is considered by thousands to be a much loved national treasure and part of the British psyche.

'Bullseye' is the total family entertainment show, and previous hosts have included; Jim Bowen, Dave Spikey, Ant & Dec, Vernon Kay, and of course Tony 'Mr 180' Green.

This petition is to show Television Executives, Sponsors and Media Moguls that Bullseye is still a much loved television show and one that the British Public would like to see back on UK prime time television.

3. Make Darts a Sport in Canada - Official NDFC petition

The National Darts Federation of Canada is calling on all Dart Players in Canada, members and non-members, to assist in getting the attention of the Federal Government.

Although many provinces have recognized darts as a sport, Sport Canada has predetermined that darts is a “game of skill” and has officially combined it together in the same category as Chess, Bridge, Scrabble and electronic games.

As a result, this disqualifies the sport of darts from ever being fairly evaluated and recognized for funding at the federal level.

We have already collected over 3000 signaturesusing other methods. Please sign this new petition and encourage others who care about darts to sign as well.

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4. We want to see Vasco's darts

Mr Vasco has a very large collection of darts and darts material to show the world, but has thus far not revealed the complete collection to us.

5. Lowdham and District Mens Darts League: Revoke Illegal Ban

On Monday 1 September 2008, a meeting was held to discuss the forthcoming mens darts season.

During this meeting, a decision was taken to impose a ban on all players (bar 4) that had represented the C.W.M.C A team during the 2007-08 season for a period of 2 years.
So far, no reason or explanation has been offered as to why the ban has been imposed.

Also, if this was to be a diciplinary meeting to discuss any accusations of wrong doing against the C.W.M.C A team then I believe the team or a representative should have been summonsed to hear these charges and defend them.