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Bring Back Bullseye!

Please sign our online petition if you would like to see 'Bullseye' back on terrestrial UK television in a prime time slot!

First aired in 1981 'Bullseye' at it's peak attracted 19.8 Million viewers in it's weekly Sunday slot on ITV.

'Bullseye' is considered by thousands to be a much loved national treasure and part of the British psyche.

'Bullseye' is the total family entertainment show, and previous hosts have included; Jim Bowen, Dave Spikey, Ant & Dec, Vernon Kay, and of course Tony 'Mr 180' Green.

This petition is to show Television Executives, Sponsors and Media Moguls that Bullseye is still a much loved television show and one that the British Public would like to see back on UK prime time television.

We, the undersigned, want to see 'Bullseye' back on UK prime time television.

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