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1. Stop Flooding of Homes by Hotelier who dammed Natural Causeway

“Clarks Road is a residential areas in the parish of St James.

It is an old community dating back to the early 1900's and has several homes and hundreds of residents.

For the last 15 years, the Palm Paradise property, a small hotelier from the UK, has illegally blocked a natural watercourse.

That action, contrary to the laws of the land, has diverted thousand of cubic metres of flood waters to the homes of 100's of homeowners and had flooded properties every year for 15 years when it rains heavily.

2. Stop hydroelectric dams in Sarawak

The Malaysian Federal government, the Sarawak state government and the implementing agency, Sarawak Energy Berhad, are asked to put an immediate stop to their plans to build twelve new hydroelectric dams in Sarawak.

Before building new mega-dams, the Sarawak government should first show how reasonable use can be made of the surplus energy produced by the Bakun dam, which recently came onstream.

Sarawak State have 3million people and land 124,450 km² bakun more then over to create hidrolik enegy to support human civilization.

During construction of the Bakun dam, the Sarawak government seriously violated the human rights of the affected 24 Village long house, culture, indigenous communities like Penan and others ethic. A rainforest area the size of Singapore was flooded and Destroy. inSarawak Energy and the Sarawak state government lack the will to comply with international human rights and environmental standards.

While the construction of further mega dams will involve huge costs for the public, the benefits will be limited to a handful of companies.

For Rainflorest , DAM will be impact on endangered species animal and Bornoe Old trees existed for over 100 millions years. it also will reduce the food source for indigenous communities as they rely on it and it supplies them with all source they need, not for the ''Sick Pond'' that company create and we preserve original fresh stock from god create, soak a drink into Mother Nature Fridge to make a cold wine Burak from cold river when sunny day.

3. Support Ukraine's Carpathian rivers

Ukraine has major plans to construct hundreds of small hydro-power plants (HPPs) in the Carpathian region. It's a problem that threatens unique nature of the Carpathians. The designed HPPs will consist of a dam and a pipe, leading away from the dam for a few kilometers downstream.

Construction of the HPPs can result in:
1. The life of the inhabitants of villages situated down the dams will be in danger if the dam breaks during floods.
2. Destruction of habitats of many species from the Red Data Book of Ukraine.
3. Eco tourism decline.
4. Destruction of places for sports rafting.
5. Breach of international obligations.

4. Stop the Dams in Sudan!

Having experienced the effects of the Merowe Dam on the environment of the Fourth Cataract region (flooding), the local people (forced resettlement), and their past and present culture (drowned), we are extremely concerned that the Sudanese Government seems ready to implement four more hydropower projects in northern and eastern Sudan.

This means that there will be three dams constructed on the River Nile, one at the Dal Cataract, one at Kajbar in the Third Cataract, and one at Shereik in the Fifth Cataract. The fourth dam will be built on the Atbara River, the last tributary of the Nile. None of these dams is actually necessary given the existence of alternative sources for energy production.

None of these dams has the consent of the local population who will be the ones most affected by the dam implementations.

5. MRC and hydropower dams on the lower Mekong mainstream

This letter was sent to the Chief Executive Officer of the Mekong River Commission Secretariat, Vientiane, Lao PDR and to the Donor institutions currently supporting the Mekong River Commission on 12 November 2007 in advance of the MRC's annual governance meetings (Dialogue Meeting, Donor Consultative Group Meeting, and MRC Council Meeting) in Siem Reap, Cambodia on 14-17 November 2007. The letter was originally endorsed by 201 organisations and individuals from 30 countries, with unprecedented support from civil society groups from Mekong countries.

This action comes in response to news of the revival of six proposals to dam the Lower Mekong River. Civil society groups are demanding the MRC fulfil its obligation to protect the Mekong, in light of compelling scientific evidence that warns of the disastrous consequences of damming the lower Mekong.

We created this online petition in order to provide a space for additional individuals and organisations to show their support for these demands. For more information, follow-up and media articles, see Towards Ecological Recovery and Regional Alliance.


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