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1. Don't Shoot Bats

The Liberal National Party of Qld says they will re-introduce lethal methods of crop protection. The shooting and electrocution of flying-foxes (to prevent crop damage) was outlawed in Queensland as it was proven to be inhumane, and largely ineffective.

Tens of thousands of animals were killed using methods that often left them to die excruciatingly painful deaths. It sometimes takes days for these Australian native animals to die from their injuries.

The bats killed include large numbers of Grey-headed and Spectacled Flying-foxes. Both are listed as threatened species.

All the facts, research and contact details are provided at

Allowing these methods sanctions animal cruelty. Please send the LNP of Qld a message that you abhor animal cruelty, and demand that they commit to supporting only humane methods of crop protection.

2. Use domestic resources; Drill our own US Oil

Currently gas prices are on a rising continuum. During this economical hardship, consumers are struggling to pay for the gas that gets them to their job. A lot of those same consumers are living paycheck to paycheck and barely able to pay their basic living expenses.

With the extreme rise in gas prices, living expenses that are already a struggle to maintain, are becoming almost impossible. The United States has enough of our own resources for oil that if we were to start drilling, would last our country CENTURIES! The use of our own resources would help the economy and help the people in OUR country.

Our president just loaned Brazil 2 Billion dollars for an underwater drilling project in their country. That 2 Billion could have been reserved by using our resources; this is why our government spending is so insanely high- we are paying millions of dollars to foreign countries when we could save millions by using our own products; in turn the consumers will save!