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1. Dedicated Servers for CoD: Modern Warfare 3 on game consoles

While the PC gaming community has for years taken dedicated servers in networked games for granted, the console community has not had this luxury to nearly the same extent.

Instead of players connecting to dedicated servers that take on the responsibility of hosting networked games, where latency is reduced significantly, and only other limitations can affect online play such as a game’s net code. Consoles typically connect on a kind of host/client network architecture without dedicated servers as hosts, where latency is a much larger concern and can affect gameplay drastically. Some major limitations, such as network bandwidth, restrict this kind of host/client architecture from working efficiently.

With all the fan support, and huge profits generated from the Call of Duty franchise, it would not be a financial concern for Activision (one of the largest game publishers) to provide dedicated servers to the console gaming community, as well as the PC community.