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CALL TO ACTION - Catalyst Church and Life Message, Inc. have proposed putting a two-story warehouse next to the church which is in a residential area with homes and day care near by. This would require rezoning away from the protections residential zoning provides.

The proposed rezoning request highlights the very reason why our city needs zoning rules and regulations to ensure smart growth and development that makes sense in the context of the surrounding area. The current zoning limits land usage as designed for a residential, single-family neighborhood. The proposed zoning provides for additional uses, notably a planned development which specifically calls for a retail space, industrial warehouse, high-traffic food pantry, low/no cost medical clinic, counseling center, and commercial office environment.
• INCREASED TRAFFIC: According to comments made by Life Message, traffic as a result of this development would result in an additional 140-170 vehicles on most business days. Additionally, commercial trucks would be used to deliver food to the facility from grocery stores, as well as additional sundry drop-offs from residents.
• POLLUTION: According to comments made by Life Message, noise from this facility would include idling trucks, powered industrial trucks (forklifts and the like), and waste disposal. Exterior building lighting would also be prevalent to illuminate the surrounding parking area. Each of these items are certainly not present in the area at this time and their impact would adversely impact the quality of life for surrounding homes.
• DECREASED PROPERTY VALUES: The negative impacts from this facility as it relates to property values would be felt throughout the Lakewood Point, Princeton Park, Hanse Hamilton Abstract, Graham Estates, Bayview Estates, Spinnaker Cove, Champion Lakes, and Waterview neighborhoods. Numerous people have confirmed that the addition of a traffic-laden, noisy, and very busy food pantry would have a highly negative impact on the area.

Life Message members and associates are on city boards/committees/council so we need to send a clear message we oppose this! PLEASE HELP!!!

2. Induct The Crippler into the WWE Hall of Fame

Former WWE Grand Slam Champion Chris Benoit is being unfairly victimised by WWE. After a 20+ career in wrestling they are refusing him entry into the WWE Hall of Fame due to a volatile home life.

Get justice for The Crippler, Daniel & Nancy would want this

3. Save radio one's old newsbeat jingle get rid of the new one !

Radio one's new newsbeat jingle is not the same as the old one you knew when the news was on by the old jingle, please sign if you feel we need the old one back.

Please post and repost and get as many people to sign as possible !

4. VOTE Canadian Chris Ellison onto SURVIVOR!

After 23 seasons and 3 million Canadian viewers, we believe it is important for Mark Burnett and CBS to open the applications up to Canadians.

Chris Ellison seems to be the ideal candidate to apply. Please consider him as a castaway.

Visit for more information about Chris Ellison and this petition.

5. Bring Chris Young to Decatur IL

Can We Get Chris Young to come to Decatur Civic Center to put on a Concert?

Christopher Alan "Chris" Young (born June 12, 1985 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee) an American country music artist was in 2006 declared the winner of the television program Nashville Star, a singing competition which aired on the USA Network. After winning, he was signed to RCA Records Nashville, releasing his self-titled debut album that year. It produced two chart singles on the Hot Country Songs charts in "Drinkin' Me Lonely" and "You're Gonna Love Me".

A second album, The Man I Want to Be, was released September 1, 2009. It includes the singles "Voices", "Gettin' You Home (The Black Dress Song)", and "The Man I Want to Be"; the latter two have reached Number One on the country singles chart.

6. Chris Benoit is Innocent

I have over 7 pages of evidence that prove Chris Benoit is innocent and was framed. There were tons of police errors and the case was over looked at.

I can not post all the facts on here, due to the fact a few names are mentioned, but I can post them in a document. Please, take a look. Justice for Benoit!

7. Move Chris Howe back to Tuesdays!

Froggy's has decided to change their music schedules starting in July 2009. With this change, Chris Howe no longer plays every Tuesday as he has in the past. With the change, Chris will now be playing different night each week, the first 2 weeks on Mondays.

As we found out this Monday night, the usual "Froggy's Crew" who attend all of Chris' shows religiously, Mondays are not "hopping" at Froggy's.

In fact, they're completely dead. Chris' show usually attract upwards of at least twenty to thirty of the "regulars," along with everyone else who usually shows up.

8. Chris Nixon to be the new Doctor Who

Chris Nixon should be the new Doctor Who. Need I say more?

Probably not, but I'm going to: Sign the petition, bitch. Please. Cheers.

9. We strongly support Supervisor Chris Daly’s rent control amendments

Sign the Petition to Protect Tenants Rights During the Economic Crisis!

As the economic crisis worsens and unemployment is rising, tenants are finding it harder and harder to pay their rent. In San Francisco, we are organizing to help tenants afford their rents by supporting the following key amendments to the local rent control ordinance: 1) Suspend any rent increases which will cause a tenant’s rent to exceed 33% of their income; 2) Expand the rights of tenants to add roommates to help pay the rent; and 3) Limit the amount of “banked” rent increases which can be imposed in any one year. Landlords are building a strong opposition against these tenant rights proposals. We need your support. Please join our efforts and sign our on-line petition.


¡Firme la Petición para Proteger los Derechos de los Inquilinos Durante la Crisis Económica!

Con la crisis económica empeorando y el desempleo en aumento, los inquilinos ahora tienen más dificultad en pagar su renta. En San Francisco, estamos organizando las siguientes enmiendas a la ordenanza de control de renta para ayudar a los inquilinos a pagar sus rentas: 1) Suspenderán todos los aumentos de renta en donde el inquilino tenga que pagar más de 33% de su ingreso; 2) Ampliarán los derechos de inquilinos para agregar compañeros a compartir la vivienda para apoyarse en el pago de la renta y 3) Limitar la cantidad de aumentos de renta acumulados que se pueden imponer en un solo año. Los propietarios están montando una oposición fuerte en contra a estas enmiendas pro-inquilinas. Necesitamos su apoyo. Por favor únase a nuestros esfuerzos y firme nuestra petición en el Internet.

10. We Support Chris Brown

Why i support Chris Brown, because everyone need a second chance and because he's a talented artist, we are his fans, so we must help him to get out of this depression !

11. Rehire Our Staff Members

Back to the Bay is a forum that all Home and Away forums love. It has members from all around the world. As of 1/04/2008 it had 11112 members.

Until today. Today it was announced that all moderators and librarians will no longer be needed. Also included in the cut was one of our admin. Chris J, one of the founding members of the site and forum.

Chris J
and Valli

Surely cutting this amount of staff members, publicly in a thread isn’t right.

12. Chris Cejas Amendment to the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act to Include Apartment Managers

In August of 2002 my 12 year old grandson Chris Cejas was beaten to death in Sacramento California by his biological father and step mother.

From the information I have the judge stated the injuries Chris suffered were equivalent to a serious car accident. This torture went on for 3 to 4 days. In May of 2002 an upstairs neighbor called CPS. After 9 days the worker showed up at the apartment complex. Since the caller did not tell the apartment number at which Chris was located, the worker went to the manager. The manager told the worker she didn't know of any Chris in trouble there. The problem with that is the apartment where Chris died alone, on the floor with a blanket tossed over him was right next door to the manager's apartment.

If apartment managers were Mandatory reporters under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act in 2002 this manager would have been obligated to report the noises she had to have heard or face charges herself. Also there are protections for mandated reporters already placed in the law to protect them from law suits.


July 10, 2007

Update: This petition is now open to signatures from anyone across the United States.

13. HabbaFM We want Chris!

July 31, 2006

To get HabbaFM back to its original owner!

The Host had no right to sell the site to Eddie without consulting Chris!

14. Vincent Gallo For The Joker In Batman Sequel

For the Batman Begins sequel, Chris Nolan was seeking someone to play Joker that was physically a match for Christian Bale as well as having the Joker look. Vincent Gallo is perfect.

Gallo is just 8cm shorter than Christian Bale (according to IMDB.COM). Vincent Gallo has a real life reputation that reflects the Joker. He is also recognised as a man of many talents, this includes his acting ability.


We as genuine QPR fans around the world call on Chris Wright to resign as Life President of the club.

16. Give Chris Burke a chanse in the First Team

A petition to show that fans want to give Chris Burke a chanse in the first team!!



18. Support Matt & Frankie

Ever since Dream Street broke-up things have definitely changed. Whenever you pick up a magazine you will see pictures of the guys all over the magazines. Actually, that isn't quite the case. Am I the only one who notices that we usually only see articles/pictures on Chris, Greg & Jesse. It may be because as of right now they are more involved in the music business, but Frankie & Matt are still fulfilling their dreams of being in the spotlight once again. If you feel the same way I do, then sign this petition! You'll feel good knowing that you helped Frankie & Matt get in more magazines. Pass this on to your friends and don't forget to leave a comment saying how you feel! Once I get enough signatures I will pass this on to a couple of magazines. Thank you!

19. WWE Raw Deal - Series of Suplexes

Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit already share quite a few cards together. Great Technical Knowledge, First To Tap Out Match, and I'll Make You Tap! There is one move that both of these men do quite often in the ring, but only one of these men get to use that maneuver in the current game environment. Chris Benoit's card Series of Suplexes should be playable by Kurt Angle for very obvious reasons.

20. Give Chris Jericho a Push

It has been close to two years for Chris Jericho in the WWF... and for those two years he was held back. It's time to put a stop to that and give Y2J his shot at glory.