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1. Make it safe, get a camera in place

We live in what could be a wonderful community. This is however not the case due to some residents who think they own the street. We would love to see a camera put up on the green where the trouble lies to deter the young adults that take drugs there, and the anti social behavior. We would love for our children to feel safe enough to go play on the green. And also see the end to police presence. It would be a great way to save important resorces that are needed in real emergencies. Please help us make our homes safe and keep the youth from being dragged into using drugs.

2. NO Photography allowed should = Free Admission

We all visit places of interest, be they historic or modern because they are.... of interest. Interesting things capture our attention. They rouse something within us. Things of visual beauty stir our emotions. They evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, wonder, amazement or romantic sentiment. While we can visually see things, nothing captures the moment and the memory quite like a photo can.

St Pauls Cathedral and Westminster Abbey however charge admission which is not cheap, and with it a strict no photography rule. This I feel is unjust and the reasoning behind it is total nonsense, when you are allowed to take photos in many other historical churches and cathedrals throughout the UK such as the majestic Lincoln, Bath and Salisbury cathedrals and for a far more reasonable admission fee.

3. Support Video Camera Monitoring in Care Homes

My nan came out of a care home bruised up and dehydrated, and she was in hospital for months before she passed away.

An investigation into this tragedy was inconclusive. Carers' evidence opposed what we saw, so now I am campaigning for all care homes to have cameras in public areas to protect the vulnerable. I want justice for my nan.

4. Save exif data, serial numbers to track stolen equipment

I had my photography equipment stolen from my home and I'm sure it's still somewhere in my small town. There are so many buy sale trades on social media now that it's impossible to check every one of them every day.

I found a great site that allows you to track your camera by the serial number, however social media removes all the image metadata when it's uploaded so the tracking site is only helpful if images are posted on another website but not on social media.

If social media would at least keep the serial number embedded it would help many photographers locate and retrieve valuable equipment without jeopardizing the safety of anyone.

5. Allow Professional Videography on Public Lands

Small, independent film-makers are forced to pay the same fees as large production studios to film commercially on public lands.

Still Photographers are exempted from the fees, but with advancements in technology (Especially DSLR's), videographers and film makers are now using similar or identical equipment with no more impact than a still photographer. The fee is now necessitated at the flip of a switch.

6. Bring back Polaroid instant film

A new trend is coming back involving vintage cameras and the company would make more profit if they started to sell instant film again.

The fashion industry also uses Polaroid instant film when booking models. Instant film would also be popular for analog photography.

7. Petition Against Video Surveillance in Transportation Vehicles at Riverside Industries Inc.

Recent events have prompted the inquisition into a surveillance system for Riverside transportation vehicles. These cameras will give non-objective personnel the ability to observe every action of every person in extreme detail while using a Riverside vehicle.

While it is being argued that the installation of this technology is for the benefit and well-being of Riverside employees and consumers, the fact still remains that equal or greater harm can also manifest. The human condition has sometimes been agreed to include the idea that: humans make and learn from their mistakes on a consistent basis . With this in mind, it would be an frivolous to place the actions of anyone under video scrutiny in every situation.

Therefore, while the best intentions may be advocated by adding video recording devices to a vehicle, it simply isn't plausible to expect that anyone; be they driver, monitor or consumer will meet everyone's expectations all the time. Trusting in each other is the time-tested and [arguably the] best way to resolve conflict or dissent in any environment. Dissecting every action in every situation and after-the-fact is not a reliable means of security for anyone.

Some other reasons why surveillance cameras should NOT be installed include (but are not limited to): privacy, cost, mistrust, misinterpretations, increased stress, employee / employer dissent, peer contention and misconduct.

8. Campaign for CCTV at Tesco's Underpass in Guildford

Chris Ward has campaigned for a camera in this location for the past four years. Since then there have been a spate of attacks.

A camera in the underpass would not only have caught attackers committing these atrocious acts, the very presence of one would have prevented them doing so in the first place.

See this as a petition for change, particularly as the new Manor Park campus means students need to use this underpass more than ever.

We will fight this corner for the students of the University of Surrey as your local representatives, as well as for the residents of Guildford who regularly use that underpass.

We need the ruling group on the council to know the students mean business. Please invite all your friends and help spread the word.

This is a NON-PARTISAN campaign. We are simply running it as your local Councillors. We are more than happy to work with anyone to get this CCTV in the underpass, regardless of political persuasion.

Cllr Chris Ward, Cllr Steve Freeman and Cllr Tony Philips

9. Opposing CCTV Camera

we were told that a large majority of residents were in favor, but surely the opinions of the people living in direct viewing of the camera should have more impact, than those whose properties are unaffected.

Were these people also told it would devalue their property?

The area the CCTV is being installed is NOT a known trouble spot, and local residents would be able to tell you where a camera would be most useful.
This camera is an invasion of our privacy, and although it is illegal for cameras to be filming our property-it does happen.

10. Remove Police Mobile Camera at entrance to Heron Drive

There is often a mobile police camera unit situated at the traffic lights at the entrance to Heron Drive on Parlaunt Road, Langley, Slough.

This camera parks but no speed camera warning signs are displayed on Parlaunt Road.

11. Kaja needs Government Sponsorship

Kaja could take better pictures if she had a better camera. Having seen some of her pictures, I believe the Australian government should get behind this creative genius.

12. Cease Operations of DeLoach Towing Co, Inc. (Tallahassee, FL)

DeLoach Towing Co., Inc. towed my car from a non-designated towing area. Once I realized my car had been towed, I contacted an employee at DeLoach and was told that the fee was $80 and that we could get pictures of the car from a printer at DeLoach Towing. When we arrived at DeLoach at approximately 10:00 pm, the employee stated that the pictures from the digital camera could only be printed from a computer which was in the owner's locked office. We told him to call the owner and then said that the owner was on his way. We waited for 50 minutes after the employee called the owner and then discovered the owner was not on his way. At this time (11:00), we were told we could not get a copy of the pictures. The price apparently increases to $105 after 11:00. While I was inside ready to pay with a police officer, my father in-law took the car because he thought we were paying. DeLoach said he was stealing the car and that we could not pay (I own the car and was driving the car the night of the incident). The police brought my father in law back from a gas station a couple blocks down the street to DeLoach and DeLoach towed my car back again. Miraculously the owner was able to make it down the street to the gas station from accross town, but could not go two blocks farther to his Company to print the pictures. We were charged $210 by the end of the night. DeLoach charged us for two tows.

The Police said they should only charge us for one incident which they believed should not have occurred in the first place by viewing the pictures on the digital camera. From our conversation with the police, the police get calls from DeLoach more than any other tow company in Tallahassee for unfair business practices. Not only is this company practicing unfair business acts, but they are wasting the Tallahassee Police Dapartments valuable time. The Police arrived around 11:00 pm and we finally left DeLoach (with $210 less) after 1:00 am.

13. Bring Back Matte Paper @ Wolf Camera

Ritz Camera Centers is neglecting the needs of its paying customers.