#Neighborhood Living
Guildford Council
United Kingdom

Chris Ward has campaigned for a camera in this location for the past four years. Since then there have been a spate of attacks.

A camera in the underpass would not only have caught attackers committing these atrocious acts, the very presence of one would have prevented them doing so in the first place.

See this as a petition for change, particularly as the new Manor Park campus means students need to use this underpass more than ever.

We will fight this corner for the students of the University of Surrey as your local representatives, as well as for the residents of Guildford who regularly use that underpass.

We need the ruling group on the council to know the students mean business. Please invite all your friends and help spread the word.

This is a NON-PARTISAN campaign. We are simply running it as your local Councillors. We are more than happy to work with anyone to get this CCTV in the underpass, regardless of political persuasion.

Cllr Chris Ward, Cllr Steve Freeman and Cllr Tony Philips

We, the undersigned, call for Guildford Council to improve public safety by installing CCTV cameras in the underpass(es) between Surry University campus and Tescos.

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