#Animal Welfare
Department s Environmental, Food, Rural Affairs
United Kingdom

I am doing this petition to lift the ban on keeping fila brasileiros in the UK.

At the moment the government put in place a law which they made in 1991 which says that you are not allowed to keep fila brasileiros in the UK because they are too dangerous and they were purely bred as fighting dogs. But this is not the case, the fila was bred as a livestock and land guardian. Then some sad people got hold of these dogs in other countries and made them fight, thus giving this dog an image that they were fighting dogs.

First of all these dogs were never used as fighting dogs in this country, so why are they banned on the grounds that they were used as fighting dogs? this clearly does not make sense. If some stupid people are using guns to kill people in other countries should the government ban guns for everyone here? Of course not, guns should be banned from people who use them in the wrong way. the police in this country use guns to help and protect people.

It's not the dog that needs to banned, its people who keep these dogs that need to banned. these dogs are highly intelligent animals and would not attack for no reason if they are brought up right. The owner should be prosecuted if their dog bites anyone, not the dog. the dog should be allowed to be owned and bred by people who know what they are doing.

We, the undersigned, petition to lift the ban on Fila Brasileiro's in the UK.

These dogs should not be banned. People should who cannot look after them proplerly. Filas are loving, caring and very intelligent and a Fila will listen very well to a firm owner. Filas love to please and if the dog loves you then it will listen.

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