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1. It's time to see Laurel and Hardy back on TV

In recent years Laurel and Hardy movies have not been seen on television. Despite this at least 10,000 people globally meet up regularly -- mostly once per month -- to watch Stan and Ollie's capers on the big screen.

I run Northern Ireland's only branch of the worldwide Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society and we have people from age 4 to 94 in our 'tent'. I worried about how we could get away with silent movies with so many young children present but the kids tell us that their favourite movies are often the silent ones. So come on all you TV executives, take a chance and see how the public react to Laurel and Hardy.

If the Sons of the Desert organisation is anything to go by we think you'll be both surprised and delighted.

2. Retire Babe Ruth's Number Throughout Major League Baseball

George Herman Ruth came along at just the right time to save MLB from the "Black Sox Scandal" of 1919. Because of Babe Ruth the distasteful residue of gambling never fully impacted baseball.

Babe's home runs not only revolutionized the way the game was played but they also drew attention away from a devastating grand jury inquiryinto the 1919 World Series. Babe Ruth put people in ballparks all over the country.

When stricken with a genetic cancer, Babe Ruth was a courageous recipient of the first chemotherapy treatment. Babe Ruth was a great American.

He lived his life as freely as anyone and pushed the limits of his talent beyond anything seen in baseball before or since.